Sunday, January 22, 2012

weekend fun

                 Papa Murphy's Pizza for our saturday lunch. We do it in a weekend when is family get together. It's nice sometimes to buy food. like this is already made and save more time for each other chatting. Just put it in oven and wait for few minutes so very easy.

                  she's more strawberries kid. So don't ever forget to buy fruits especially her favorite or else, you get annoying all weekend. Lol

                     My plate for dinner. I am trying help my mother-in-law to cooked food for everyone and also get to know recipes idea because my husband ate a bunch when his mom cooking.  she want me to learn cooking, lol.
        I am not wonder why so crowded our sunday lunch in cracker barrel restaurant. were both order sunday special meal and that was so delicious.  My daughter met, one of her teacher there
                      This chocolate remain me  when I was lives in island. wish to eat sea food often again someday, somehow...
          snacking pop corn lately... every-one love it.

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