Friday, March 16, 2012

Feel Better..

             Water has Zero Calories that Soda 
             You crave has 150 calories. Less is more! 
              You are Strong Enough to fight the food temptation.

This note so meaningful to me:   I done drunk soda lately  because everyone does too. My family had a several soda stock in garage. It say's encase you needed it.  I have to try to slow down not to drink much soda because I got sick w/it.  the other day we thought that was ulcer because when i take food my stomach hurt so bad and throw up.  Thanks God, I feel better now and that was a heartburn and in the same time, stomach virus. So, water is a best way to get you health back. I have to take this note in my wall as a remainder not to get tempted calories is makes you unhealthy.

               Have a Happy Weekend Everyone.
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