Tuesday, July 23, 2013

empty stuff

Hi Dear!

          Just Drug store Product.  since, I finish them all.  I don't purchase some of them again because they don't work out well to me. but, I enjoyed using the Clear scalp & hair therapy Shampoo and condition, Yestocarrots cleanser,  cress toothpaste, cold cream, Gold bold lotion.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shopping and Blue crabs

Done some Errands today. Daughter and I went to k-mart, jcpenny, and walgreens.  I had to go taken a passport I.D  as one of my requirement  but, picture is not good quality. I don;t like  and almost given up because I went few store to done my I.D but nothing better.

Here's Our Saturday Dinner.  I was very satisfied I been craving and spoiling myself to ate a lot of food because, isn't often to get a blue crabs in town. the other day, husband and I went these mexican store and restaurant and found things that I liked...

Recipes: Chili Pepper  Crab


Ginger, chopped

Onion, sliced

Garlic, crushed

Chili pepper to taste

1 can tomato sauce

1 can coconut milk

3Ibs. crabs.

Saute ginger, onion and pepper in margarine. add crabs and simmer in tomato sauce and coconut milk until cooked.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Food in weekend

Hi Friends!

Monday/July 15, 2013. 

All Summer long I worked here. My vacation time is running out since I using them a lot when I doing importantly mission  but anyhow, I still have weekend ( saturday & Sunday off) usually spending with family and sometimes, on holiday out of town.

When I come home from work and I suddenly think the monster university. every kids knows about it, right? My mother-in-law who suggested to going this movie in monday which is last day for showing. ( Better late than never. It was worth trip to go watch movie for 7 years old and of course with pop corn,hahaha
 After Movie I cooked some water spinach w/pork pot-stickers- I haven't seen it in a long time because asian store, they don't have this often. so that, I was excite to cooked but we know, once there cooked they look small,lol but one pack is enough for three person. I shared more to my husband since his favorite and he is the one not into a vegetable that much but this water spinach is amazing. He ate all his share.

Tuesday/July 16, 2013. 

There's new changes @ work. every things now is in high technology. we started using the computer for clock in and out which is hard to some employer who'd not have computer or never than any computer styles before...
I was accidentally bite my lips and when I got up in the morning. the big things I notice is  swelling my lower lips :-( ouch but, lucky disappear when I put some medicine.

Wednesday/July 17, 2013

worked eight hours then met up my family in the Vietnamese resto with a big bowl of soup for lunch I forgot taken photo's. We also went to belk store but I haven't buy any

Thursday/July 18, 2013

 I had little snacks with mango flavor and okra - ( filipino recipes styles). I made two dozen of eggroll of the next party

Friday/July 19,2013

We have mexican food for lunch. fish is really huge remains me a lot in Philippines.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Hi Friends!

Happy Independence Day Everyone. hope you'll  enjoy the fireworks tonight. 

We just finish dinner with family and spend some quality time now.

Lovely House

Hi Friends!

     I already mention here that were moved into a new house. I didn't have photo around inside the house since computer broke :-( picture also gone. So, here Some photo outside of our previous house that I had from my I-phone. 

     My in-law house and our house both place are sold. To be honest, were all miss two houses but, the good thing is were lived one house now which is really nice neighborhood and close to our previous house a 3 blocks away. also the person who bought the house is parents of our neighbor friends.

     I lived this house since march 24, 2008 until may 18 2013 I know is hard to say goodbye but husband did a right decision for everyone.

We used to have a big tree in the front of the house but, three years ago when storm so bad here the tree knock down from the heavy rain. this is looks after we planting a little tree.
when my first year staying in the house. I love gardening and planting  but when I start working a full time. I didn't have time to maintain them that's why I discover to plan more perennial  around the house. so that, they can come back every year.

In the Back Porch we used to have also a tree. Peach and Green Apple tree but every year we can't able to harvest them because rotten peach fruits and apple also broke from heavy rain. so plant a new  tree and more perennial flowers 

My Daughter surely miss her old bedroom. 
My flowers at the front house with a little girl as a model.

Monday, July 1, 2013

My in-law previous house

Front View
Another front view
Back forts 

Inside shop
Living Room
Middle bedroom
Guess Room
Guess Bathroom
Master Bedroom
Master bedroom bathroom
Dining Area
Hi Friends! For the last few months absences here. Thanks God, we  can breath now and stress free from being move to the new house but it wasn't easy though

So, here's the photo's of my Mother-in-law house that already sold out. I was thought my mother-in-law  going to move next to our neighborhood but when they found the big house, family decide to bought a big house for two family.

This is the house I first visit when I entered in the United State last 2008. I met my mother-in-law to her house which We visit her often and spending @ her house a lot for past five and half years.

And also, Husband & I had wedding reception memories in this house.


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