Friday, June 19, 2015

Trash & Empties.

These products are empties and I loving them all. When I ever love the stuff and works well to me I’m absolutely purchases them again.
They’re a lot of things that we thought we need them but in my experience these boxes, price tags, papers from things that we purchase are cause to trash full. I don’t keep them but I put them in recycle trash.
Here again throwing stuff. I’m pissed throwing stuff in the trashcan but what else I can do if these product are not work and already are expire date. I really don’t regret throwing them to the recycles. Oh the pants had a lot of holl and I can even gift them away. Of course, recycles, right?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Shop & Gift

I went shopped to walmart, T.J Maxx, Ross, Bath & Body works store. I bought few stuff that I going to gift to My Mother. She wanted something that she couldn’t find in the island. Luckily, I found what she wanted for in these store.
I had bought purse for my Mother, travel container for myself if ever I travel in the plane, training bra for my daughter of course everyone loves snacks my daughter discover this delicious snacks a vegetable fries we got this snacks at T.J Maxx store.
Bath & body works I like sometimes to go shopped travel size or when ever they had sales or coupons. Their products are not expensive or not cheap. But when you have coupons plus sales I got tempted to shops for birthday gift and for holidays. 
Another purse but bought it at walmart cheap. I also got from walmart this photo cd for my friend, training sport bra, socks, and short and neck pillow bought at TJ Maxx. Wish we had more store to go like target.
Here’s my belated mothers day. I am very lucky that I had sweet and beautiful stepdaughter. She been here for us since were in the united state. 
My co-worker give this to me since she doesn’t used it anymore. I had been looking silicon bra in a long time. I am happy that I have one but if ever I found it in store I will get another one for extra
Another gifts for my daughter from her best friend Emma a lot of clothes she receives and she can used them this summer.
I receive another donation (my friend Queenie gift this to me) she wants me to try this stuff but I don’t know if ever learn how to put fake lashes. I’m still trying.


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