Thursday, June 30, 2011

God only know's


        jUsT sTarting my three days  request off. I wish to enjoy it all but deep inside my feeling is there's worried hided, two day's ago My Grandpa is passed away the sad things Can't see him anymore and no more chance to see him even in his last journey in this world. Maybe he understood me, ( Grandpa I am far from family but you and my family is always near in my heart). If you see me, last night I had tears in my eyes That I feel deeply Missed you . All memories is remain in my mind forever that you are a good grandpa. The last I saw you about 6 years ago and I was Pregnant of baby girl & you showing a lot of care when i was there with you.  Your  was  around 80 ( Plus ) years of age and was still clime the coconut tree. for me to ate coconut fruit. I am proud that your my grandpa  We Loved you

         And also Wish me luck tomorrow I am going to take a driving test. Hope is not hard.... GOD ONLY KNOW And I will trust it all with him. Ill been practicing but its all hard maybe chance for me to take driving test since my day off of work... Night Night


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

happy hump day

Everyday & 24/7 Mom to her. She's adorable & sweet kid. I love her no matter what....

National Daughter week

                 I Spent time with my beautiful daughter that I really really Love more than anything. She will hold my hand for a little while, but Will hold my heart for a lifetime. When she come to my life, she only best gift that I had ever....

                 I love you baby Girl Your always my Baby Even everyday Your grown up a lot.  :-)

Love you


Monday, June 27, 2011

Day off is over

I can't compare anything this happiness that I feel with around to my  family. they are only reason why everything I have because of them.  They are only my inspiration and that's forever  and always love them all...

I am going back to work tomorrow after three days off .  My husband back home from work today and he told me, my all application papers is already turn over and Glad to heard that he met this lady who working in school district. God Please help me to get new Job with around w/kids. Wish me luck also this coming few days taken a driving test.

 Zoey Thats name of her happy hamster toys. 

Puzzle is one of her favorite 

I already mention the other day, this pillow pet we got from a yard sales.  Just a $ 2 and Ej said she can afford to buy it because she had piggy bank. 

This is a  Fish escabetche ( Sweet & Sour ). Happy to have it  cooked with Rice...

Mom made a cake and she said, since you don't ever had a cake when you are kids so you can have it for a Birthday, we are both laughing and I said, It isn't my birthday yet. there another two months, lol.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I love saturday

It's wonderful sunny day but can't spent longer any minutes staying outside You might get Sun Burn and getting darker skin which is I hate the most.  Hiding from the sun isn't help but Sun block lotion is useful to any solution to avoid skin from danger  Cancer.

Like to went yard sales every Saturday in my day off . I bought some pant's, shoes for my daughter and some clothes for me too. She really happy to have a unicorn pillow pet, Just only $2 it's lucky day for us she was wanted to have one pillow pet last Christmas but this original price is still expensive . even it is  second hand but all is really look brand new they want to sell it because them kids is growing up.

I had Started gather my things for trip and were both get Ready for it. Feel all excited to go Louisiana, Virginia beach and Washington DC.

Tonight, my daughter stayed with her Mimi ( Grand Mother ) So she can spend night with her...We had a good dinner together and all was yummy. it's sad don't have photo w/it because my digital camera is running out of battery. We done also Puzzle a 100 pieces for my Five years old and her Mimi and Me help her too.

I am kind a sleepy now because I took venadrly for my allergy. This medicine remains me a lot to my daughter when she's so high-per  we had to choice her to get calm down and give some good sleepy at night too. like I do now, goodnight everyone

Monday, June 20, 2011

A note and Precious day

             Three years old  note from my lovely husband.  I found it again today when I clean our closet and I took this photo today and post it because Proud how cute it is especially from him.  He try to learn my language and he writing some Tagalog & visayan words for me.

             And Also Today Laundry done & Clean my make up brushes and Of course spending with my lovely one daughter. She ask me, if what I am doing. Sounds, like a crazy but we both had fun to clean this few brushes and she  is a good helper to me, she does clean cabinets  with play.  See the last photo she done with some accessories....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

                 Happy Father's Day to my Papa & brother and  Especially Happy Father's day to my loving husband I love you and Thank you for ever-things. This three man in my life is both awesome.  My Brother will be father again for 2nd child and they are great family forever.

                 We had a good day shopping in walmart for fathers day gift to my husband I am Glad he like the thing that  I bought for him but I am  also buy for myself too, lol and I told him I was spent 30 bucks In just this day and he said, you deserve it because you working wife and working Mom :-) Had a big smile in my heart and face when I heard about he said to me.

                Have a good  Sunday everyone


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just about today

I had practice a lot driving today but still working on this backing, parking and parallel parking which is so hard for me. My Step-Son will going California for his Job in this Summer. So, it's gonna be a few months before to see him again but we are all happy for his Job.

My husband cooked mushroom stuff and that was so delicious. I told him, he should cook it often because everyone love it. I have also to write the ingredient so I can learn. He said to me, you learn so fast and he believe, every things the food he cook I can do it by myself but he told me too, when about cooking I am the one who  lazy hahaha and I said, kitchen isn't my favorite place. Yeah, I do cook once in a blue moon then he laughing to me.

I have no idea for father's day gift for my husband because same old same he told me He don't want anything.  but I am going to look store tomorrow, get some gift for him anyway. 

Ej having a good time with our next door neighbor they said, they want to borrowed  her for play bubble with them. Same happen, when she come home she is wet from water sprinkle. This couple, they don't have anymore kids in the house because them children are all growing up. I heard from my husband story from them that they have a daughter but when she is teen, she kill by car accident that's why they love so much my baby girl .....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Its gonna be summer Soon.

I am so weirdo today, get upset so fast in every little thing. the fact, can't go nowhere by myself because no license yet for driving. last-night, I already made my plan after to get out from work. Was excited to go a drugstore today but hubby stop & change my plan and many question also then suddenly  I feel off interesting to go store and decide not going anywhere. Except, watching my angel playing   who always got a big entertainment in my life.

This is what she done today, outside in a front yard while hubby watering the tree & grass She had fun playing water too. I notice her, she love water I am pretty sure, she will gonna do it tomorrow again if daddy not change his mind, hahaha. (will depend the weather)!!!!!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

about today...

It's was wonderful day. I spend more a lot to my daughter in the house then afternoon we went up to mom house to meet my husband cousin and dinner always delicious, all is homemade food.

Yesterday, finally receive my alloy swim-wear and I start gathering stuff for summer vacation next month. excited. excited....

Just short post I have to go night night so I can get up early in the morning and work.....

Have a good Friday everyone for tomorrow :-)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Love fruits.

 I am glad hubby went shopping and he knows a good stuff for me that I want. Today, I didn't eat much food of lunch except all  this fruits.  Cherry, pineapple & Mango with salt for dipping. I know,  it's weird. all I want this weekend is sour fruits.  I love all  sour fruits that will become sweet eventually.

Oh, my  poor baby (husband done his surgery for his neck but now his hurting).  He been hurting a couple a year that I worry about a lot. He does taken a neck pain medicine.

My Mom best friend Donna, who pick me up from work. I am hurry to come home by myself that's why I forgot my paycheck..... going back tomorrow & one more day then two days off.


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