Saturday, January 14, 2012

Estee lauder

    It's been busy lately since  school started. I do also clean up some around in the house today and laundry at the same time.  I wish I could finish cleaning my closet but still working on it...

         Estee lauder -  This isn't new product. I got this gift set from my mother-in-law  She was bought  more than $ 25 amount of total from Estee Lauder in department store and this one set is free. I never try yet purchase  product from them. but I already, liken this mini mascara. I think it has made my lashes grow that's how I notice because I don't have much lashes since I starting using mascara and this is I maintain in about a year.

Eyeliner- is cute black color- I didn't use it much but sometimes, if you do a smokey look-- this black is work well
Lipstick- 03 chic pink My favorite color in summer- I like it because made in USA.

           Have you try this Estee Lauder a Product Sample?

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