Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day Of The Dead - Make Up.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Mother-in-law Garden! 2015

My Mother-in-law made the best jalapeno pepper stuffed ever. is one of our favorite appetizer all any occassion or event's. there's a tons of recipes online but, if i choose i would  have my mother-in-law recipes version of jalapeno stuffed. it so tasty and delicious, simple to make. of course, jalapeno is really fresh from her garden this year!. 

Another fresh waterlecious fruits. im really proud to tell the world my 81 years old Mother-in-law who been enjoying gardening. she planted it by the garage and close by the road. i know, many people drove and pass by, might some of them seeing it or some of them not notice.

I'm first person saw big watermelon one day   i tell my husband and mother-in-law about it and were started to counting them with the small. were more proud seeing  tiny watermelon.

My husband enjoyed his first pick watermelon from his mom garden. He was come home from work and said, I had picked watermelon! Were all thought watermelon looks ready to picked because they look big outside but inside of watermelon was not quite develop (still not all turning red).

We saw 3 more watermelon is getting so big. We decide to wait another week to picked since were disappoint from first one. But were all learned and see things awesome. 2 weeks after, I asked my mother-in-law if I can pick watermelon and she said, (when ever you want honey). I let my husband to pick in 2nd time but he said it’s your turn. I did pick the smallest one compare to another watermelon because I know, this is the first watermelon I saw growing.

 Finally we did eat 3 watermelons from the garden. There’s more tiny one but I did clean them up because were know there is no time to growing. It’s getting colder outside.

I been harvests my mother-in-law okra while she’s 3 days gone to Virginia Beach. As in I harvest a lot everyday in summer. My mother-in-law got an okra plants from her Granddaughter Amy. She was planting during spring and I remember, the okra plant was little then were also gone about a month to visiting my family in Philippines. I was said; one month is was big change because it’s taller and more vegetable.


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