Thursday, March 31, 2011

night night....

My dinner was delicious. sausage and fried eggplant with Rice.  daughter & I like it very much. after our dinner we both have take a bath  and enjoying lavender vanilla, smell so good from bath & body works. I love rain at night, make you relax and sleepy.

Goodnight to all.. Have a good friday tomorrow

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


     I woke up early this morning to cook breakfast for  Hubby & My daughter likes to eat  Pancake, becon & Milk and for hubby, he love's grits, becon and coffee  So decide to do it, to make them morning special.

Toaster Strudel is one of favorite breakfast of my daughter. Every-time  went grocery shopping. she also have list flavor strawberry & Blueberry to make her best tasted to eat breakfast. Like me, I have a rush to wake up early in the morning  to go work. I choose frozen food but it's healthy and easy to make. the most important to send her in school with something to eat & gummy vitamins.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rain Rain go away....

I was wondering this morning why all light in the house is On and My daughter said,  I did turn the light on to make my mommy surprise. She Just showing me that she can reach things high and she keep saying ( I did it & I get taller mommy)  So now, only me & her in house.  I have a lot to do cleaning while she watching Dora explorer.

Hubby went back to school after lunch. Were been inside do some fun, Ej helping to clean and arranging things. Outside right now, is look gray and rain. I almost finish laundry.

This is front yard and you can see road,one years old tree and purple & white flowers is bloom. It's been raining and wet outside. that's why my daughter & I spent mostly inside the house.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Just time for relax

We are in  house  now from a busy day. Proud to you Hubby being survive for 24 hours not eating solid food and today  his done surgery. He was taken medicine few hour ago but he still feel pretty sleepy and doctor said he can't drive yet today so Mom done all drove for us back and forth. the good news is he is okey. Thanks God for everything and thanks to my mother-in-law who always help with us.

Yeah, my baby girl is back with me and she tell me alot of story why she love staying w/ Grandma. right now she playing her toys and I am going to cook my favorite vegetable w/sausage. I don't have plan for my two days off work but definitely staying in house and cleaning some more around.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

One more day work tomorrow and another two day-off but hope they not call me in for work so i can have rest w/my family.

Miss my baby girl  but Just one night to be apart. truly, i can't live w/out her with me but she's happy to go spent with her mimi and I will have her tomorrow do some fun around. My poor husband 24 hours no eating because he got surgery done tomorrow early in morning at 7"00.

Goodnight and You'll have a good evening...

Friday, March 25, 2011

It Just about today


Nice to be home from work. It's busy day and cold day again. But now, going to eat  Turtang Talong, eggplant with egg I am so happy to have it for dinner. hubby cooking he craving  a pad thai food and he got a recipe from online  he love cooking anyway.....I order clothes online and it's say they will send it on April since the other product not available yet.  I need clothes for family reunion  for July 4 hahaha( long way to wear it?)... we Have plan to go meet friend in Dallas I wish I can travel before my daughter going to school or stock in Russellville...
Have a good weekend everyone. hope all enjoy :-)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy 3rd year anniversary

Morning everyone ^_^ such a lovely morning isn't it? Perfect day to clean the house inside out :DToday is March 24, Our 3rd year anniversary living in state. My daughter & I happy to move here. My favorite number is 24 because that's about was my age to come arkansas place. To look back, I was telling my hubby that I want to see a real snow in my life but hubby answer me, you will not gonna like it when it actual snow then I ask why?  he answer me back, because your already complain TUGNAW means cold cold hahaha. he was teasing me but when it's snow come, first snow I was happy but now i realize hubby was right, getting  bored when it always snow or snow storm and i don't like much winter because first i saw tree and flowers all leaves is gone and I was thought they are dead and look so depress. 

Finish Lunch with my step -son, Mom and hubby did a good job cooking beef stroganoff. he going to school to take a photo-shot of his art work. Have a good afternoon every-one 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


 weather so gorgeous but so windy outside.... Left at house about 9:30 in morning and arrive home about 5:30 from Commissary, Done  grocery shopping today and feel sleepy and tired after all but happy to have new stuff for house. We have lunch at popeye's and that was good chicken and one gallon sweet tea hahaha I was wondering hubby bring a gallon of tea and he said, is on sell and cheap so lot's of tea to drink.  We going to rest and watching tv now......

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Off from work

I took myself photo in my husband school Office while he working his project in other room.

off from work. one of my boss called me to get work for tomorrow but to bad, I already had plan to go jacksonville for my mother-in-law grocery  shopping. I Just quick to answer ( not probably tomorrow because we have a lot to do and plan to go in military base. hope she understand, i really want to go work but more importantly to spend time with my family once's  in my day off.

while at work today, I was feel so bored in my areas hall  and all i think to go home as soon as I done. So when I out of work. feel like Im, Just happy to see hubby and spend with him in a minutes to his office while writing blog and Ellen, Mom & I went to bank deposit and checking some stuff and now laundry & watering our some flowers bloom....

My daughter happy to her finger nail polish, Her Mimi spend $5 to paint it in Salon...( all her say, I LOVE IT) I can tell that  She had a great day in her mimi house with her SISI and Brother.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Big Smile for beautiful weather. hahaha to hot outside, arkansas right now is high in the lower 80.  Hubby take a nap in sofa while my daughter watching Ni-hao Kai-lan  cartoon and I try rest up my feet, it's been eight hour walking in hallways at work.

Nickelodeon Ni-hao Kai-lan in Tv show channel 23.  She speak english & Chinese. I  observe  My five years old daughter  make some words sometimes with me and I don't understand cause I am not a Chinese but her explain she got it in Tv. My neigh-boor next door who Chinese friend of us and fluently to speak Cantonese and mandarin and sometimes if we go visit  she just try teaching her some words, lol.

   Little bit confuse to her because she had babysitter who speak Spanish and start also counting number a spanish words: like ( uno, dos, tres, so-on and so ect :-)...)and I speak tagalog and also trying to teaching her some because few years we went back to my country and maybe she go school over there and  because would speak different language she have  still speech therapy, about one year now.....but her teacher said, she learn so fast and that's makes me hope so maybe she can go school this coming Aug....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy First day of Spring

March 20,11

       Say Goodbye to winter and Say Hello to Spring. I  know, lot of us excited to change weather and do some fun outdoor. My daughter and I can't wait to get out more often as the weather warms up. First thing in my mind to do some spring cleaning around house ( in and out,lol) and also planting some more tree and flowers is the most natural decoration in our yard. What a lovely weather, spending time with family is awesome and enjoying fresh air & the pretty flowers here in arkansas have been up and blooming for a few days or So. Oh easter is coming up and I wanted to get some stuff for my daughter i know she talking about to wear like a Princess. I will go look sometimes her easter dress and accessories.

       Here's our suffer tonight, My Mother-in-law cook for us.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Flowers

Hyacinths are spring-flowering bulbs with long, narrow leaves that are folded lenghtgwise and also are highly fragrant flowers that bloom in dense clusters.

After My work today.  we went at  Lowe's to look bricks for Flower bead and I found  a Hyacinths flowers for spring. I bought  four , two white, one Purple, one pink and all those clearance  $1.49 each. this year I am gonna plant perennial flowers  so each year I will not to plant again.

I can tell hubby like to go at lowe's when we need thing for house materials, gardening and appliances. In my three years being observing  him, lol I know everything coz I am him wife.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ice cream for Beautiful day outside

                             March 18, 2011

I wrote a long letter of my edit post but accidentally I delete some good stuff to ready for  posting this blog it's twice happen to me  already so little bit grrrrrrr ( upset) cause gonna start again and again....

 Right now, thinking to eat ice cream ( Blue bell ice cream) is common in my grocery list but most importance to me is to get a rocky road--Rich, dark chocolate ice cream generously sprinkled with chopped, butter-roasted almonds and miniature marshmallows and Mocha almond fudge- Brown Rim coffee ice cream accented with chopped roasted almonds and rich chocolate sundae sauce. I am getting spoiled and picky  this delicious ice cream ever. I always request to  my hubby to bought, any brands of ice cream as long as with almonds.

I been lazy today and decide to go with hubby while his in work . My mother in law called up for lunch today in cracker barrels with her two friend Donna & Frances. after lunch, daughter & I went in Goodwill for little shopping for her toys ticker bell. well, it's my last day off work so wake up tomorrow early in the morning.....

Have a Happy Blissful weekend everyone......

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St patrick day

  Just went outside to get photo and also enjoying weather is so beautiful ....

Shoes ( size 5:5) : Marikina Philippines Brand
Legging (  size Small): Walmart
Green Top ( size XS): Macy's
Affordable outfit for a simple girl like me hehehe.....  Be green today because Its St Patrick Day !!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

           Not much going on saturday here but feel excited to shared how much I am happy to go shopping for my family. I have a jumbo balikbayan box and hopefully to send it this month but not really sure yet because i still half way to fill this up.  My idea to put some stuff in box: is clothes, medicine, chocolate, baby stuff toys, gummiest bear and goodies that from in here, i wanted for them to try food from other country I think it's fun and now enjoying this kind a weather in arkansas, it's bright and sunny.

03-13- 2011

       I am exhausted today, I been around in the house for spring cleaning, never ending huh it take's forever.I thank my husband to help a lot and he cook chicken curry for dinner with our close neighbor next door.


       It's been raining whole day and get ready to go back work tomorrow after my three days off. Gonna up early and prepared things for breakfast and lunch.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Don't forget to set your time one hour a head tonight before going to bed. In united state It will be change our time at 2:00 a.m on the second sunday in march 13, 2011  Day light saving time ( DST- starts tomorrow).

Friday, March 11, 2011


Hurts my Feeling this morning, news was sad from earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Let us pray to all Japan  and our friend  there and hopefully it won;t happen to  Philippines and God, Please protect us  and keep us away from dangers.  

Today isn't lucky in my work so busy and is a missy day there but happy to be home now and going to enjoy my three days off. 

I am guilty to my partner since yesterday, I have been mean to him. I notice myself being (maldita) during my monthly Period. Im not shamed to tell about it but that's true ( not in a good mood talking, not good mood to be around people) the bad thing is i get annoying so fast when I feel not comfortable  coz some reason today, I feel depress, boring at work and homesick a lot. I got my pay check today and I am thinking to do some shopping lol but I won't and can't be... many bills and left and right payment hehehe.

Hope everyone have a Good weekend
*** 03-07-11- It's wonderful  Monday night in 7:10 after was  8 hours work I was thought  good idea to went  movie with my daughter and husband. But when were in  ticket area,hubby decide to see another movie since he don't like a love story So Only daugther & I watch beastly. even Rain and windy outside and cold but we had a good time

**** 03-08-11 Nice tuesday and awesome girl tea party at mom house today. Amy was there with us Playing Jenga is so fun. We just spent inside house because outside is wet, its been raining  all day and freezing windy. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Avon and Bath & Body work

When I was in PI I only have one lotion and  one brand avon.  I using lotion occasionally when to go party and after shower and my skin was not dry  even I stay long  in sunlight  and until now avon is still my favorite but when I step in winter land my skin totally change  and I can't leave w/out  to put lotion on my skin in a single time  I added  a bunch collecting lotion for myself and another brand is Bath and body works . two of this brands work well into my skin so Happy to have it. I know avon brand is common in Philippines. My mother who's one member in avon dealer in a long time  so I am very proud of her participating  until now as one her habit to go travel in different place related to her business.

Bath and Body works is US brand That I known this from my mother-in-law and my first day in state she give me a cherry blossom lotion and that was amazing for dry skin with moisturizing and smell really good The fact I hate my skin when it so dry because I can tell is a look like a snake skin , lol.

 I'll been using it Day & Night, I love herbs smell and It is a Gift from Husband last Christmas. He spent 50 buck for all Bath & Body works.

Aromatherapy Body lotion ( Energy- orange ginger) $ 13
Aromatherapy body lotion ( Stress Relief- Eucalyptus Spearmint)
Aromatherapy Body Wash & Foam Bath ( Sleep- lavender Vanilla)
Aromatherapy Massage Oil ( Sleep-lavender

Pocket hand sanitizes I have this in my bag as a keychain I bring w/it everywhere I go. so keep remains me to wash hand everyday. Its really fun. 

Here's white citrus,  a Modern citrus blend of crisp lemon, invigorating grape fruit, lush water lily and alluring ginger flower. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

lovely days

(03-05-11 & 03-06-11) saturday and sunday at work weekend is quite when boss not around hehehe but i had fun with bunch visitor come and people around  in nursing home today and i like my co-worker who help some stuff to be done and finish early.

Here's My hubby cooking

My plate with food :-)

We have a good time with my Mom, hubby cook for dinner. That was awesome

          Haft of the day Ellen went visit to  her mimi and they have lunch together at Wendy's.  when she get back this afternoon she told me about her happy meals Toy's.

The More you collect and the more you can connect. That's from Kids meal

My five years old love collecting puzzles and today she got new toys from Wendy's her treat from mimi, being  a such a good girl. 

here's mom dog with Ellen Joyce stuff toys.

I went work sometimes every saturday and sunday but after 7-3 working happy to be home seeing my lovely daughter and good mother in-law and husband.
I know not every-one excited to go back work and school after weekend fun. are you ready for moday? I am not totally crazy on monday first i thought is gonna be slow to be weekend again BUT  try having fun (hate sometimes moday,Lol.) You'll have a good Evening...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy weekend Every-1

It's friday & I have four days work in a row this weekend. I choose to go work than staying in house that doing nothing  beside bored.   actually, weather broadcast isn't good  now in my place< Tornado- make  me  feel nervous when i heard  siren in city and outside look depress  so gray and rain.    But meanly I am excited for  Spring to see my flowers in garden and I can't wait to plan more flowers this year.,
:-) you'll Have a good weekend Readers

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our spending day Outside

This is all about today, enjoying my two days off at work and spent with my daughter and decide to go outside and feel how pretty sunny. the most happiness in my life to have her with me all the time.

went outside  house for playing bubble and jumping trampoline. We enjoy our day and such a pretty Sunny 

You can tell how she jump so high. hehehe 

I am  just bored that's why taken photo of myself.


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