Monday, August 29, 2011


According to my schedule today is still  my day off  but my boss called me, to work in monday. maybe they miss me as a trouble maker hahaha.  It will be busy  I hate monday w/ some asshole at work.  Well, no matter what. Learn to face it for a good future that's my idea, lol.

It's been a long day at work. Sleepy and boring, grrrrrrr. my Job isn't fun but no choice need Job to help family.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I guess, this is a good vitamins because I noticed a lot that I gain weight. the other day, I met my friend in store and she told me, you get fat and my husband big laugh to heard this words FAT . I had no comments after all but I do smile it to them.... I am 4"11 size and 100 pound.  thinking soon get some exercise.. even right now I am to guilty checking myself to health o meter. 

I am planning to quit eating sweet food and eat balance diet, Hope soooooo. can't control myself how good food around me especially at my mom house she cooked cookies, cake  and etc. 

Pork Tocino- sweet taste... Bought one pack of tocino and happy that day, I found a lot of filipino goodies. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

For Fun, I guess.

I have off work today. didn't bother to get pay check but because I stay in home with my daughter sick, coughing and running nose. she got fever this morning and that's why we decide to call the school teacher and they said, she's not only one. some kids in school is usual to catch from other. Well, she gonna sleep with me tonight. since we promise her if she done a good job in school she will get a good price and she choose to sleep with mama. 

I am not perfectly good in make up, nail polish but happy to know about to learn & experimenting new things. 

Sally Hasen with crackle O.P.I

Maybelline  new york, Nail Polish express finish ( 330). Sunset Prisms. and magazines for month of august.

Masque Peeling- I found it in store from Kroger. I bought 10 ml, a cucumber for anti stress. It is really works well  and fun too. advisable  to use is Just once a week for my face and neck. here's photo of my neck from using this Peel, look was scary. 

I bought this time a 150 ml from walmart and worth  of $3:99.  It will last long to use it for one person, lol. Love it......

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Our recently favorite snack... were at my mother-in-law house. we gonna stay here in a couple of days since the situation she need our help sometimes...we love to stay with her a lot..... 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


 Rice is always present in every meal to my family.  Can't live w/out it,   honestly it is one of my most favorite food  in whole world wide.


vegetable w/tiny fish ( bulinaw)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Melt Away Mints, M&M chocolate candy, hubby does like this stuff. last-night, he went sneaking to kitchen. he think no one discover & My daughter ask him WHAT YOU DOING DADDY?

          I know what happen then So I told them both, to go brush a teeth before went down to bed..... every grocery shopping she/ he never forget a SWEET thing from store

   My mother-in-law homemade cooked: she invite me to come over in her house for cooking day but I told her that I still feel uncomfy driving by myself especially in intersection highway 80 to 90 speed. I don't want to get a ticket, lol.....  anyway, I have to do thing need to be done today while hubby & daughter in school  and spend one dayoff

I totally forgot to put water bottle in her backpack. hope she doing well today in school... today is her PE & MUSIC both she love it....

Hubby was cooked stew and was so delicious. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My husband noticed that I have a bunch magazines stuff in closet. this magazines since 2008 stock. So the following day, I cleaned up the closet and get ride over it
Body Central
Victoria Secret
All this websites. I was discover to order online with husband permission, lol..

I am the one who love searching online sales but it's also depend the budget too and financial. the other day, I fall-in-love this satchel and chestnut color from alloy and that was sales $16 w/ coupon and total w/ $6 for shipping fee- is $22.

Down below, my lovely daughter. she love everything what I got

I bought my winter Jacket from consignment store. how lucky I am first to grab this  stuff.  there girl still  interesting and waiting for me to put back  but hubby said, the jacket fit on you..I said to them, I am sorry I like it......the camera picture, isn't pretty but actually, feel so soft and comfy I am excited for the winter season to wear it....

 Lunch bag, sock, shoes for her school stuff. She's happy that we bought this things today and tomorrow she will going back to school.
this is my shoes favorite to work.... I wore it many-times about 8 months old......

Saturday, August 20, 2011


                     At last, done a dental appointment. It's been a long months not visited since over a year now.  I feel shamed to my dentist she took a 30 minutes to clean my teeth. :-( and got 6 months for another dental appointment now so I don't wanna miss it again....

                     I found a new things to keep me busy tele-series from Australia I'll been watching it since in a couple days now H2O  Just add water- a name of  teen tele-series about a mermaid best friend.. So Just check it out in your netflix site. it still available.. maybe, you might like it.
I like this site, we been connected in a long time, almost about 4 years if I am not mistaken since april 2008. I can watch instantly Just add from computer then you can watch through your big screen Tv or browse DVD'S and they will send it to you through your mail. Very easy to browsing, my five years old daughter knows how to operate already in computer. she can watch easily, like today she does watching a tangle disney movie.

Netflix site so very useful to me I can find a new movie that to keep me busy being bored especially sometimes if by myself in the house. hate being bored, DO YOU?

We postpone shopping today. hubby decide to cook Stew for dinner with our friend & Next door neighbor. they will be here in around 6 o'clock   I am so glad not going shopping since so hot out there and feel tired from work too. we had a good dinner, my sweet husband cook food delicious.. I got best talented man. :-)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pj and toothbrush

 My first time today this morning to drop my daughter in school. I am such impress that she find a friend easily and as the same time, I was feel a bit worried about what's a world inside being a kindergarten in state, when I pick her up in school she told me that she got a big trouble with her teacher she said, she fall sleep in class..... i don't exactly understand because the teacher didn't say anything but we will know this coming thursday for parents meeting.   trying my best a good momma to her ....

Few days ago, her mimi bought a battery toothbrush and Pj. she love it, sound easy for her to brush teeth.  She like to play inside basket while watching Cartoon Tv.

Monday, August 15, 2011

First day of School

                              I was hurry to drive on the way to pick my daughter in school this afternoon:-) Wanna hear all about her 1s't day,   when they come out from class room, Saw her happy and I am one proud momma.  The First Big day of my daughter in kindergarten.  I know how she so excited, my husband took her in school in the morning and here got some photo with her new friend. finally Fix the schedule   because I have work start in 7 o'clock, So only husband can take her in school then I am the one who pick her up in afternoon.    Can't imagine my daughter is in kindergarten now,  I thought Just like yesterday, holding this a precious girl in my arms but now  my baby girl is growing so fast . 

Aug 15, 2011- 7: 30 a.m

She & her new school friend.

this make up purse from my Mother-in-law that she give to her as a toys....


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