Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blue Hydrangea Flowers

Hi Sweetie :-) I feel so lazy after 3 days weekend off. kind nah don't wanna go back to work today but still made it to the end of eight hours. the fact, I need this job for anti-Borden's and my energy back from sick. Thanks God we are okey now.  We had a good time During Our Memorials Day. mostly spending in kitchen for baking a bread and cake to share few of our friend.  

I do love this Blue Flower's from my mother-in-law garden.  I saw a beautiful pink and purple  too.  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

               May 25, 2012  School officially over. My kindergarten daughter  really sad   and wasn't excited  because as we know it, more fun around with other kids, right?. At the same time, She is curious  for first grade on aug.  I feel much better now and My daughter still had few days of antibiotic and yesterday she showing me a first teeth come out  and My husband got cold, poor honey. I wish all get over being sick soon. So that we can start thinking plan for summer. My daughter made a heart shape this morning and so make me inspire her little creative the little thing we have becomes much when God is in it.

Friday, May 25, 2012

hate it

Hi Dear! I called these unhappy month of May because family and I both are sick.  My jaw gum was hurt so bad cause of grinding teeth at night and Ear infection. In the same my daughter situation she had also fever, cold, allergy, nose bleed. I'm truly freak out everytime to see blood from her nose. it's not only once but really several times happen. but doctor said, it cause of dryness clement or picking nose. During bedtime, we have to put her a Hand-gloves, a little of ointment vaseline in her nose for protecting touching face too or over dry.  Last Saturday, Were all got up in the middle of night. I heard my husband uncomfy  sound been hurting left side of stomach and He told me  to go drove for him in emergecy hospital and when were at hospital I saw myself in the  big mirror, still wearing night night gown that should be embarrassing? if anyone recognize me there but oh well, who cares.  were at in the middle of hurry. It's a nightmare seeing my husband was painful. Doctor said and X-ray result he got three kidney stone, one pass out but still 2 tiny in there. 


Friday, May 18, 2012


Grrrr, Isn't fun when you and your kid got sick. It's gonna be hard weekend for us.  She had allergy, coughing and ear infection,  from a doctor prescription anti-biotic for 10 days so haven't problems that giving her a anti-biotic medicine because it's pink and taste sweet but she hated one of her medicine I can't blame her I taste it too and taste horrible. Can be a challenge for us as mom, A happy meal food is save my day. made her take medicine and ate favorite food that her most favorite inside the box. 

Everyone love Pizza, Right? because My Husband and My Mother-in-law  really love Pizza daily and different flavor.  last week, I stopping hard food because of my gum so hurt. 

Pancake breakfast for her. She pleased asking this menu, lol. I know, kids does love a sweet treat in the morning. I can't say No because I do love to cook for this quick and easy mini pancake.

I know, you'll have already idea if what it is for? Night Guard for me since last week, I been suffering this gum hurt in my lift side. do you have any tips about teeth grinding. how it this go away? 

In my Own observation, kind a works well for me but feeling weird  in the same time. I still adjusting 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


        Hi Dear! I know, I am getting slower  blogging. It's because to many things that I keep working  each day for family. On 25th of May is the last day of my daughter kindergarten and I don't want to send her at daycare. I can afford but, thinking I need to save money to move back to my country for good. The good things in this summer My husband will be a Daddy-sitter to her is would list me worried about it or sometimes can spent with her mimi because I still do have to go work every day.

                 Suppose to be sad because I don't have a summer vacation but anyway, this flowers from our garden keep me happy and excited to see them blooming. I feel mostly hurry to come home, so that I can watering the plan. sometimes, my body so tired. My daughter who volunteering to give water to the plan or she and I have a garden together in the afternoon.

            My husband pick some flowers  from garden for Mom in Mother's Day. She was so happy

                              This wild grass with lot's of white flowers at Mom yard..


            Purple and Pink flowers I got this in mother-s day from our next door neighbor.  They love also gardening. We are both sharing the things 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day


        Cheers To All The Mom out there and to My Best Mother in the whole world I salute you for everything. I am not who I am today without you and Thank God for everything that he do. I love you Mom...happy mothers day everyone!!

We was ready to head out for trip.  These outfit that  shown here.  I loving so much blue Plus my Mother in-law flower is so much attractive my day.
t-shirt- walmart
Dress- Goodwill
Boot- charloot Russe

A Mother's Day Gift from husband

Daughter's handmade for my gift- So really sweet

Our Mother's Day Lunch at Mother-in-law house-that was so amezing food. My husband Charge to cooking for me and mom-  Thanks for him

this is my mom flower's from one of her son- 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


        Hi Sweetie,
                     Just a Typically Tuesday afternoon with my lovely family now. It Might you noticed, some of you are excited going to graduation. well, This year My Step Son. He gonna graduate finally after five years in college. We are so Proud for him even he didn't feel to walk or attending a actual graduation ceremony. he choose to travel work in other country soon when  all paper done.
                     Okey, Let change the  topic about what I got, VS pink Lotion. During  My Mother-in-law trip in army base at Virginia beach. She was remember me that's why she bought another one of Pink collection. The good hydration lotion, Smell is last quit awhile  and moisturizing.
                     I Thank all this to Mom. I love a floral  for Summer  $12-  500ML/ 16.9 FL oz
                                                                             Pretty and Pure
 My mother -in-law bought this during our summer vacation last year and still haft full . The smells so pretty with pure Jasmine and pink lemonade. 
                                                                           Sweet and Flirty
This is recently also from My Mother-in-law- The Smells So Flirty  with Sugar  Berry  and Pink Grapefruit. 

This is what look like of PINK Lotion of VS ( Drenched In)


Monday, May 7, 2012

The Lucky One

         Matinee Movie in Sunday and all decide to went.  My Mother-in-law, Daughter and I watch together this the lucky one but my husband went Another movie since He Against crying and so Drama, lol. His kind a type of Horror, comedy and action.

After the movie.  were had a dinner at mom house. I ate this much meal.

And visiting mom neighborhood garden. some photo from yesterday.



Plump Tree

This is me, look so weird. pointing a tiny green plump fruit. actually, I can't wait to eat them, lol. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

All day long

~~~ Hello Everyone~~~
       I promise myself to get sleep more in weekend and relaxing but I broke those promises, it's already habit woken up early at 3 o'clock in the morning. Yeah, that's to early. I done few job around in the house. like, laundry, dishwashing, arranging things in every cabinet, dusting windows and sweep floor in living room. So, feel kind duh exhausted now.

Husband, Daughter and I went grocery shopping at walmart and finally saw photo's from last summer vacation that's been long stock in closet and I didn't bother myself to copy.  I got few things for baking ingredient and materials and ate simple dinner with Mom.

Since My Mother-in-law back from trip. We invite her to come over for dinner. It's been two 1/2 weeks not seeing her. Boiled shrimp, red potatoes, horseradish/ catsup for dipping and Rice/chicken for my little girl.  that was very perfect dinner.

 I took some photo of this Super-moon is look bigger and brighten So was amazing to see it. Everyone knows already why they called it Super Moon because it's closer to the earth than at any other

My daughter super excited to see a Super moon and everyone noticed her barefoot.  here she is with her favorite Dress.

After busy day. I feel to deserve one glass of sweet wine for relaxing. It might helps myself to get sleep early but dump almost 12 at night. can't go sleep yet.  insomnia 

wine for tonight

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 Chocolate drink would be great in hot day.  I can feel summer here already because usually we got  90 degree outside and very sunny. I drove to the store, looking for ice-cream but I got nothing because ice cream a bit pricey.

    I noticed a lot today especially my husband real busy making a grade ready but some of you still studying and more exam a head, So study hard for good result. My kindergarten student is school will end soon, hope she going to the first grade on aug and myself, trying to work hard. save up money for house. I really disappoint with it because  I can't enroll myself as a dental assistance because beside I can't afford everything in here.  I don't wanna loose my time with family especially to my daughter. isn't easy really I miss my family back home if they are here with me I am sure, a little bit okay because they can watch my daughter and do some work at home but oh boy,  I just dreaming.......

My upset was over. I voice that out and now feel nice.  He going to the doctor for high-blood pressure and get new medicine and I hate my allergy  it cause of trouble, headache and itchy skin.. That's was unhealthy week for us.

Hope you'll have a good evening :-) good night..



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