Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oven Roast Peanuts

Hello Dear! 

            How so Sweet :-) My husband happy to come home with a raw peanut from super market. He cooked this very special for me. 

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Place raw peanuts in a single layer in shallow baking pan.
  3. For unshelled peanuts (peanuts still inside their shells): Bake 20 to 25 minutes.
  4. For shelled peanuts (peanuts with shell removed): Bake 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Stir once or twice during cooking time.
  6. Cook until slightly underdone.
  7. Peanuts continue to cook when removed from oven.
  8. Let cool 10 minutes before eating.
  9. Store unshelled roasted peanuts in an airtight container up to one month on the shelf, 6 months in refrigerator or 12 months in freezer.


  1. Choose unshelled peanuts that have clean, unbroken, unblemished shells that do not rattle when shaken.
  2. 1-1/2 pounds of unshelled peanuts equals about 1 pound shelled or 3-1/2 to 4 cups.
  3. Store unshelled raw peanuts in an airtight container up to two month on the shelf, 6 months in refrigerator or 12 months in freezer.

What You Need

  • peanuts
  • oven
  • shallow baking pan

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Glow Bracelet

Last Night, Were stay up late. Watch Tv with pop corn and glow bracelet which is really interesting especially to my little one is more fun the color. who doesn't love this glow bracelet?

Anyway, Its my busy day in the house cleaning, organizing since outside is freezing. I also, get up very cold and totally, husband forgot to put heating on.... 59 degree with cold wind.... I have to take out all jacket, coats in this weather.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Red Box

RedBox - It been common now everywhere in state, One of the only place to rent a movie are located where consumers already shop- leading grocery store, macdonald restaurant, kroger grocery shopping, walmart store.

                 Rent-and-return styles-  you have also to followed the policy it will charge you a $1 each day if you forgot it to return in the next day. My Husband does forgot to return when he's really busy or family want to watch again but isn't a big deal. 
              One time he lose the one red-box cover we had to buy it in amazon or in the ebay for $ 1.75 and wait for the few days to receive and also Red-box still charges us for fews day not returning the cd movie. anyway, were glad to return it  than forgotten they get more charge So, that's was a lesson.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Hibachi

     Hello Dear!

        It just a typically tuesday afternoon. Seems, time run very slow here. I think because I work by myself and totally bored if no one you can talk with in eight hours. As in very quit day.

        Relief when my husband called to have lunch together. Since hungry, of course say YES.

        My husband invite me to went this happy hibachi a Chinese restaurant for date. I got tempted to ate a lot of food. So, here our plate.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Flue shot

Hi Dear

           I Love Monday, Just only today! :-)

 It's time again for vaccine. I got a flue shot this morning, paid only  $10 but if you are student is free. My daughter is going to get a flu mist on Wednesday which is very easy, just sprayed on the nose So, no worried for needle.  Flue shot is available to any drugstore.

Anyway guys, to my filipino bloggers I want to ask where did you get a flue shot and how much cost to have one there? because suppose to get it each year. I Appreciate you'll answer, please... :-)

 If You wondering what the flue shot mean- You can read from here or any online sites.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Award

photo credit from google
Join this fun! Receive mine from  Anne Trinidad-Legson - Here You'll Find Me.

To be honest, I don't have that much follower's but I feel love blogging Thank you Anne for the sweet Award. Heres my answer to your question.  Hope it's okey sayo na sagot lang sa tanong e-post ko dito. Really I appreciate it  a lot

1. . If you are given the chance to change your name, what name would you choose? Why?
         Wow, if I could change my name. it would be Charity Grace or any as long a English name. Maybe because mostly my Friend in states had a hard time to pronounce of my name. so, little awkward. 

2.  Is there anything that could make you stop "blogging"? (as in stop talaga to the point na icoclose mo ung account mo...) what would it be?

         If there's anythings personal problems. like, nikawin ang identity mo sa ibang tao or sinisiraan ka. So, Reason   you don't have to stay in public. 

3.  What is your term of endearment for your special someone? Why or how did you came up with that endearment?

        In my Married Situation, we're both busy at work but doesn't mean you forgot your someone. before ako umalis sa bahay I express my feeling sa note, mag-iwan ako nang simple words to let them know na mahal na mahal ko sila kahit anong mangyari.  they are both love to read books so doon ko isisingit para mabasa nila for sure.  Family date sa weekend para mag get together. 

4. What is your favorite TV channel and why?

          As of now! My favorite realty show is kardashians family, Americans most wanted, food channel. They are so okey than scary..

5.What type of chocolate do you like/prefer? (white, dark, and the like...)

           I love Dark chocolate is more sweet to me.

6. In cases where there is a third party in your relationship, would you fight for the one you love or let him go? Or would you rather share him with another person?

         Defending on the situation. I am married to the man that would be forever I promise to fight  with it but if he don't have feeling with me anymore. it's better to let it go than keeping so no life miserable kahit masakit matotonan mo naman kalimutan. 

7. Are you a morning, afternoon, evening or midnight type of person?

          I am a morning person I get up very early in the morning to work. 

8.When you smell that your friend has a body odor or bad breath, would you tell it to him/her?
         I would definitely tell her/him even little bit to embarrass. but helping friend is a good way

9. Do you appreciate/understand abstract artworks?

           Yes! My husband is a art professor. he did explain it to his student even my daughter was three years old did a good abstract drawing. so, anyone can do. there no impossible to your talent as long you love doing it. 

10. White or red sauce?

           Red Sauce for Filipino spaghetti styles, lol. Miss na Miss ko tong pagkain..

11. What is Science? (bawal magconsult kay Webster, Google, etc.)

          You are so funny! You remains me a lot of my Mother when i was in  Elementary  kasi, yan din tanong nya, naalala ko hangang ngayon yong sagot nya   but  Science for me is very important to understand because there many problems that never solves if w/out experiments.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Homemade Sushi

I love Sushi! So, glad finally made my own california version sushi roll. Is very easy step to do. Be Creative 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pajamas Day at School

Hello Dear!

          Is your school having a pajamas day? Because My Daughter very happy to picked her favorite fuchsia pink princess pajamas for pajamas day at school. It seems like all the schools to do it here in once' a year.

         Absolutely cute Pajamas days are mainly found in preschool, kindergarten and Elementary School as fun days for the kids and teachers. I think it is so cool that everybody can wear their pajamas to school is also much easier in the morning.

                                           (Daughter and I conversation)

Mom----------- why everyone like to wear pajamas today at school and what is that for?
Daughter------  Everyone can wear pajamas to school that's teacher said so...:-)... only today
Mom----------  did you read books too?
Daughter----- yes, how did you know?
Mom--------- that's how we doing at our house too, right?
Daughter---- oh yeah, hope they have pop corn too.
Mom--------- :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

General Dollar

 Hi Lovelies!

       Going to Shared some goodies from General Dollar in under $10. well! I am just very curious Mom.

Suave- the professional sleek anti-frizz cream for only $3. It has a nice scent and I like it.
      My Hair is so natural; isn't curl and not straight either. I found that sometimes my hair so dry when it to much around in dust and get flyaway easily.
      This light weight cream, containing silk protein and vitamin E, helps day frizz-free look.


Degree Deodorant

    It is my first time using deodorant in my life. Sounds weird right? actually, I decide this summer to get started since I am often around people in school. when I works a lot I can feel definitely sweating. Just simply wanted to have clean feeling and avoid anythings that isn't comfortable to you.

Fruit of the Earth E- vitamins---- It is a day and night facial cream. This is the best cream Ever! I Started using it a couple of months ago and I completely hooked up because I have very sensitive/Dry skin  and it work pretty well to me. It is very inexpensive for  $3 super value pack

Have you try anythings New?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2nd debate

             Obama, Romney to face off in Pivotal 2nd  debate. I wish I could watch it on live in tv but since, I have to get up early and work tomorrow. So, late to watch these on you-tube. The 2012 Presidential Debate begins at 8 p.m (9 ET). tonight in the united states.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama meet tonight in the second presidential debate.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Hi Dear! I think, You know what it is for? Actually, My husband bought this one for daughter. We're worried mosquitos bite. Malaria Kills more than 800,000 people worldwide each year. Many are children

Direction: simply slide the super-band on you wrist or ankle and enjoy a bug free day. Each band last up to 200 hours after seal is broken.

I like it better is just a little one to put in your  wrist or ankle. Might help some protection. especially on the field trip everywhere. I am not there all the time to watch our kids So, this Insect Repelling is makes my worried away.... I notice this year is more mosquito going on in our place. So when My daughter playing with friend outside of the house I give her one to put in her ankle

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nyx & Revlon

Hi Love!  Here's My Online Order from  My Purpose to doing get these product is to try new things. Actually, I read few reviews before ordering. of course, observe both which is one work best on me.  So, we will see?!... As a 2nd timer ordering online usually used the 40% + $3:50 off but tax, shipment isn't include yet when is total show up is $29:90 still pricey but reasonable :-)

Revlon ( Just Bitten Kissable ) Balm Stain
Finally, I got own Romantic Chubby pencil when I received the package. I first, I opened the lip balm. So Bad, I broke it a little touch from leads. I have to opened extra careful next time but here the swatches.

Very Empress Its a great Color! Stay on really nicely and glossy. Also, after a minutes applying the color "Pop" True warm red bright. I prepared to put a tiny amount as a simple color on lips. 

w/no flush from camera- 
with flush from camera
Revlon ( Color Burst Lip Butter) 
    SugarPlum-  I picked color to match my skin, looked just very natural on me which is really good pampered to my dry lip. It gives a lot of moisturize and also comfortable to used.  If the colors fade away so fast: The secret I know to keep applying it when you need more hydration lips. keep putting it, thats a power of lip balm :-)

Revlon ( Color Stay Overtime length waterproof Mascara)
     Blackest-Black-  I did try it on today... one coat is enough for me as long staying on there.   Hope this mascara wouldn't disappointment me. I really wanted a basic mascara that doesn't bleed off under my eyes.

this is looked with one coat.

Revlon (ColorStay Eyeliner Crayon Contour)

      Black/Brown- It said can wear up to 16 hours. Soflex technology glides on smoothly waterproof. hope is not going to smudged

Nyx (ES07)

      Highlight-  Applied eye base first then this will be 2nd.  I got a good one....

Nyx ( CRS15 Cream Shadow)

      Musk- Love the color. You have to applied faster as you can because it dried so quick once' it dried, forget trying to blend it but  does stay on place.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hello America :-)

        Do not forget to watch Obama - Romney debate. Tonight,  Face to Face The  Presidential Debate schedule 2012.

This photo from google. I haven't seen them both in personal, lol... but interesting to watch live on T.v tonight October 3rd, 2012....
        Good Luck America :-) Vote wisely on November

...they say if you don't vote, you get the government you deserve, and if you do, you never get the results you expected.” 
 E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

Monday, October 1, 2012

Flower's from My Mother-in-law, so cute :-)
                             Hello October 1st!  We're been waiting seeing the colors of leaf. This Autumn season is must fun to go up different Mountain especially Petit Jean, Mt Nebo, Mouth Magazines.
Photo from google- Actually we're been here several time with Family and Friend. Just showing you it is photo view  on a ridge beside a road. Oak trees draped in bronzed autumn  Mt Nebo State Park.
Daughter and I 

Photo from google- It is one best view from Petit Jean in Arkansas.

Check this site: We're been visiting this place with Family. Awesome Place


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