Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Birthday Party

                February is the most Fun because in my Family are just had birthday's party  of my two special someone in my life. My husband and My Daughter are both birthday in February which is easy to remember. Of course, each year on her birthday party were ordered cake it doesn't matter  if small and big as long she enjoyed and had a good time.

             My husband been busy lately in the school. So that, I planned the birthday party surprise for both of them. Since, our house so small and outside still chilly. I invate few of my friend that had with children for the birthday girl. I am so glad the party was successful.

                         Her 7th Birthday cake.  A lot of my friends who asked if where I ordered this cake and I answer in our local cash saver store. It is $ 34 but worth it because she was very very happy and mostly of my friend had a picture with the cake, haha. 

                                    Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow Cake. Rosetta's fairy house lights up, and each Disney fairy figurine has a unique stamper bottom.  when I took these out from box, everybody said " WOW" I know, My Daughter love it and that so important to me.

Here's my simple decoration that I done for the birthday party. 
                                          Disney Princess Pull- String Pinata.  One magical string will release all the treasure you've tucked inside. kids can  take turns, or hold onto separate strings and pull together. A removable sticker  marks the secret location where candy and toys should be inserted. 
She enjoyed all her gift from friends and family. 

Her GrandMa ( MIMI) give her cash to shopping clothes since she growing a lot. 
My Daughter  first time to have a party with other children and Pinata. So, I bought it  in walmart. of course, she love every Princess. the castle was a big surprise of the party. here they are picking the candy.

they having fun picking candy but, really was freezing cold outside.
I was invite Filipina and mostly food I was prepared is filipino spagette styles.  I am proud that I did it because, spagette is one of my presentable dishes for them.  
My husband friends came to the birthday party and they are americans.. I am so glad that they love my Egg roll .
Sticky Rice and Maja, Chicken Adobo, scalloped potatoes, green beans casserole 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Were stock together in the house while out side was snowing. She loved this candy, shaped of leaves. 
I received elf product that I ordered from valentines day. oh, lipton and naked is both great but next time, I have to check calories because I found out naked Juice is 400 or more calories and diet is zero's so that not wondering I gain so much weight. lately, we saw several wild cat in my mother in law porch I guess my mom wanted to adopt them all since she been feeding.
Guess, I was thought the spring is coming since lately 70 degree but last wednesday weather is change. we got another snow and ice storm. I have spray and ice scrapper always inside my car for clearing up the glass before to drove in icy. anyway, I was piss off when I pump gas because was cold and my store card wasn't work so right. grrrrrr.
Some picture from intergram. Happy Day and Heart Lips
                      here's I receive from valentines day. it was tiredly at worked but, hubby still manage to surprise me that's such a sweetheart husband I got the best Man.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


           My daughter receive a bunch of sweetness' I am so glad she enjoy the valentines party in school today. hubby and I both exhausted from work but I thankful for all the blessing that I have with me all the time is all I need is my whole family are healthy and happy.
           Happy Valentines Everyone, hope all had a blush of surprise.. :-)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Color Tattoo Maybelline


             I bought this one last year when first come out from drug store. I picked 45 Bold Gold Eyeshadow and pretty awesome color.  I quite often using it to help my eyes open in the morning. " Bold Gold Eyeshadow a tiny sweeping in  all over my eyelids and waterline, sometimes I do it with  my water line of the eyes they last all day

Saturday, February 2, 2013

About January Princesses.

The other day,  My 1st grade Daughter and her classmate are celebrate the 100 days of school. In state is really known as many games and activities involved.  She made a 100 pieces of candy necklace.
Its been crazy here. when is flu season attacked is very scary for everyone.  I know how it feel if someone of your family got sick. because I am only the one who taking care of my daughter.  she and I stock in the house in four days. she miss her school and I miss my worked but now, were both trying catching up. 
You know this one, right? One of my daughter favorite snacks. 
when it comes in bath. she love princesses stuff. she love everything with Princess  and Campbell's kids  soup is amazing. I can tell this is good when is hot especially in winter. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

The fact why I throw this all away. Is there some product everywhere in the drawer that won't work to me and some is empty. So it's time to clean them out or else, is to much junks in the house,lol :-)
wet "n wild lipstick really nice color is what I love but, I given up trying because won't good after all. I suffer of dry lips. and, super stay concealer I picked wrong I can't handle looking under-eye so bright than my normal color.
these product is my favorite and I definitely buy it again. Work just right.  
All sample is empty
My Daughter also had empty stuff that she been enjoy using them


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