Monday, September 24, 2012

Hi Lovelies : - )

        Why is monday so far away from friday but friday is close to monday?   I have a bored day at work  by myself. My co-worker who took a birthday off. but the good things, isn't busy. Just quite, that's all
         After Pick up daughter at School. went to Grocery shopping. I started don't like to go shopping every when in to the store. Spent almost $100 buck for only 6 item :-( sad so pricey even using coupon.   do you guys feel that way?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy First Day of Autumn

Hi Dear Everyone!

           Goodbye Summer!... Here's the First Day of Autumn. I actually, cleaning out our both closet stuff. especially soon get cold. Mostly, jacket, long sleeves, and Autumns favorite clothes these things I ready out for another Season....

           Yesterday, My mother-in-law and I went shopping in payless and Jcpenny. We just done it sometimes for occasion. I ask her opinion what to wear for interview outfit . I know, She only can help me and She have enough patient to shopping for anythings. 

            Payless- I like Payless store because They carry my  shoes size 5.  I finally found a shoe that has a low heel that is cute, pretty comfortable. so far, I did try it on around hallway in department store plus when I got home I walked it several time inside the house, hoping it would more okay in actual used. going to use it soon.

Description--- This bold brash pump offers serious styles with less lift! It features a trendy almond toe with seam and overlasted platform, lightly padded insole for comfort, and a 3.5 wrapped heel. Manmade Materials.

Care Instruction--- wipe dirt and dust off with a clean, dry cloth. We recommend: Instant shine sponge for a quick, dust-free shine; Athletic shoe cleaner to instantly clean vinyl, nylon, mesh and rubber; and shoe shampoo to remove soil from canvas, nylon and fabric.

I also got two top in Jcpenny $13 and $4. Soon summer clothes will going to the clearance if you do like advance shopping clothes for next year, I think is good advisable to start.

            Have a good weekend to all :-)


Friday, September 21, 2012


Hi Dear :-)

   Finally is Friday here :-)  Our Plan weekend to stay home and relax.

                        I didn't went work last monday because I feel so uncomfortable, My body was sore all over :-(  do you able to call-in at work? because, I do... In my job now I still have some days to call-in if ever me and family sick. also available holiday off, birthday with they still paid you from those off but you have to make sure in under limit.... I still have 3 days left  available for vacation but I am going to use it when is really important.

 Last wednesday, I was encounter another creepy person. He come out from nowhere I saw light from car who's following me through the school campus. First, I  thought It was a campus police but when I park.  he drove by pass and then turn back. I got start feel suspected that this not a joke. I have a phone ready and car key. Got me so nervous when he also park right next to my car.  (He was Talking (but I can't hear it)  and his hand sign something stupidly that I didn't understand either).  Of course, no one to talk and no way to listen  the stranger. I don't know, what the purpose he doing like that but Thanks goodness, the camera solve my problems. Police catch him. So now lesson. carry phone anywhere you go. always save numbers of your friend, family and Police if you ever need help in emergency.

              #  if you working at night.  make sure you park close to the building and good also you park next to the camera  so easy to hit the bottom ( like emergency call).
              #  don't let them touch you so carry spray

What will You Do if You Are in this Situation? Do you Have Any self-depends to Shared.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I    LOVE     YOU    MY    NAME   IS   Ellen    DO    YOU    LOVE    ME   MAMA  ARNITA ---My daughter wrote this when I left my blog open. I thought it would be nice to share it to all.

What is Your Favorite color? PINK, BLUE

Where place you wanna go someday? DISNEY  WORLD

 Who is your best friend? EMMA, LILLI, ASHLEY, ABBY, BROOKLYN,  RYAN

Who is your special person? MOM AND DAD

What is your favorite Pet? PUPPY

Favorite Food?  RICE, CHICKEN

What you feel in first grade? PLAYING, LEARN


I feel not like it to go the filipino party today :-) So, We went up to my mother-in-law and here lazy Sunday for us.  I did ask few question to My Daughter and she write and answer it to my blog.

      That's what we doing! do you have any activities in Sunday?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Mother

 Hi Dear :-)

               Two Amazing Woman! My Mother and My Mother-in-law are both September.  In the Philippines  right now, My Mother Birthday's.  Even were not there to celebrate her 50  but were think of her  so much everyday.

These Photo during vacation in dumaguete Philippines ( about two years ago)- yeah, that long not seeing her in person since 2010. My Mother, daughter and Me in Cathedral Church.

Photo from last year with My Mother-in-law and Daughter.  Mt Magazine.
                      Sorry not sure to put a HD photo with them. they are both shy in the Camera .


Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Mother-in-law

                New China Buffet for the Birthday celebration. Happy Birthday to my Mother-in-law.
                After off work- I went met my Husband, Mom and Family Friend Donna in new china restaurant. Our Birthday Mom choose to have buffet today. So glad, eating food there again...  It's sushi day for me. obviously craving this food in a long time.
               You know already after finish eating they serve you a fortune cookies, right? first time of my life to open  it  wasn't expected that I pick no paper inside of my fortune cookies. Donna ask another one for good fortune. So, I accept my 2nd fortune cookies but was surely fun....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Appointment

             I am just got back from short trip. This morning, My step-Son who drive for me to go immigration service for my biometric appointment was to early at 8 o'clock. We just arrive in time there, Road was traffic too. after my finger print were both head back since he had already plan made to out with his friend. .  Arrive home taking care my daughter sick Just me and her in the house but I have to run in the store to get her coughing medicine and few snacks. 

Super Busy Mom here! I have quite things need to be gone That's why I could not  reply your comment anytime on soon, I need some focus of my dreams . bloggers I temporary get more absensence " Thank you for being understand" I will see you when I get back.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

 Hi Friends!
        How's holiday? Hope you'll enjoyed :-) About me,, I spend with family most of my time. Weather outside so pretty but still humid.  We're had a good lunch at my Mother-in-law House. Watching a T.V show.
        Here's Hotdog and buchi.

          Talking About Food. I learn to cooked from online recipes and experience from family when I miss home (filipino) food. I can do it especially if your in the middle of craving, hehehe.  I told them, I don't give up my culture... still the best for me. I often ask my husband to go drive asian store for grocery shopping. That's the way, I stock up everything I need....

Sunday, September 2, 2012


                       I'll been mention already about my new Canon Camera as a family gift to me, last august for  29th birthday's. Since then I took several  photo's. Here's few sample That I like the result from My Canon Camera-

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Consignment ( Marva)

Maxi Dress for girl- Size 16 or large. $ 4 New
A. Byer Stretch Blazer- Color Black/ Size Medium/Price-$10--- Lucky I picked new or haven't used blazer. I think this good for interview 
Pink belt, pen, paper is 14 cent and Pony stuff toys-$3. They have percent going on in everystore store So, final total of my purchase is $8:50. I should often to go there..
Hi Friends :-) 
           Time surely flies so fast this month. It's a first day of September I know, getting closer to over 2012, huh.  Yes, I always excited when holiday comes because I don't have to go work. liked, this coming Labor Day were just stay home and relaxing.  Don't have plan for getaway even summer will  gone soon.
            Daughter and I went to the Consignment. This Morning, I feel good to go drive in Marva. Since not traffic. Guess, how much I spent money for all of this stuff? 

                         Have A Blessed Weekend!


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