Friday, September 26, 2014


Hi Love!

     My Mother-in-law loves planting different kind of flowers in our front yard and back yard. So, here’s some photos that I taken during there blooming. Right now, some flowers are still blooming like roses but I am sure they wont stay long when is weather change into cold.  Were all going to miss this pretties color but, there gone for a while and then back when is spring and summer. 

Yellow Lantana - In Philippines this kind of flowers are grow wild everywhere. And, there are several kinds of colors, too. But here in the united state you can see this flowers only in spring and summer.

Mom plant different kind of Dahlia there’s yellow, orange, pink and Dahlia double decorative hybrids are looking so beautiful. You can tell because of the  color.

We had a bunch of rose in our yard and they are also,look so lovely. These color my Mother in laws favorite. She does picked hem and Put in the flowers base in all summer long.

In our front yard, we had this crape myrtle tree. Last summer, we planted the red color and the pink is been there since we had moved this new house. But, also we were trying to trim them once. So, hoping they look nice for the next couple years.  You know, they also get big and taller.

I just wish. They stayed all the time but they come back when is time and season. See you all flowers next year. Hahaha. about you guys, which flowers is your favorite? 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer Favorite

Hi Love!

Here are few of my favorite summer beauty that I love. I know summer will be coming to an end soon in state. But, I went a head to shared this to you.  Might other country still summer.

The product that I mention here is one of my basic I need daily.

1). Crest 3D white toothpaste – I been using this almost a year now and I still love it. I also noticed that my dental hygienist has remarked on how clean my teeth are. So, I keep using it.

2). Listerine cool mint- I just knew this strips a week ago then now, I can not stopped, I think I got addicted on it. This is a great product to freshen the breath on the go.

3. St. Ives - I was bought this at Walgreen during buy one get one free plus a coupon. I really love this hydration lotion.  It is not greasy or sticky. Absorbs very nice and leaves your skin so soft. The spray is awesome.

4). Hawaiian tropic silky hydration- this face sunscreen with SPF30 – I absolutely love this product.

5). Ponds – I use this every night on my face and neck. I got this travel size for me to try and now, I got another big bottle since, this product help my skin to moisturize.

6). Mary Kay loose powder – this product given to me as a birthday gift last year. This is mineral powder foundation. Color in bronze 1(natural). The color that she gives is matches to my skin tone. And the package looks really cute.

7). N.Y.C SMOOTH SKIN BRONZING FACE POWDER – This is my very first bronzer and cheap so why not, and then, now I loving it.

8). Visible lift cc eye Concealer- I had a medium color. This is nice product.

9). Mega plush volume express mascara from maybe line – it’s a great product! Its a Waterproof mascara and easy to remove.

10). NYX- soft matte lip cream – I love the color San Paulo.

11). Maybelline shine sensational- it’s a lip-gloss in a 20 (treat me Sweet).

12). Vaseline lip therapy-  rosy lips for soft and pink lips. 

1). Petal fresh facial cleanser – I had been using this cleanser about two months ago. I haven’t notice to get my skin whitening but, I love the smell of roses and lemon so that the big okay to me because of the smell.

2). Healthy cuticles from sally hassen- one day, I went to the T.J Maxx store. I bought it along the garnie anti dark concealer and miracle eye patches mask. I haven’t tried them yet but I wanted so soon.

The Denim high waist short is very comfy and my first to own this high waist short with this top are look cute together. And this pants; I bought it in Ross store, fit so right.

Dark Caramel and Ombre Highlight

     A month ago, I was devastating to myself if I do it or not. I really was confused but I wanted to tries to get something new look and styles to my hair. Because of my husband support, I am happy the result of the highlight and I love the color that I picked.

    I had naturally thick hair and dark black hair. So, I was been searching the right highlight color to my hair. The online there’s so many styles and ombre this year are more popular. The ombre is too bright if that alone to my hair. It would not match to my skin stone because I had dark brown skin.   So, I found that I love dark caramel and some ombre for the bottom of my hair.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Victoria secret Haul

Finally, I bought bras and lotion from Victoria secret. Since my all bras are wore up so bad and I been wanted a new replacement because, my size went up to C. and there’s big different if bras fit right on you. It does really feel so comfy. So, I had bought 2 black and 2 nude bras. They are on sale, buy one and get one free. I was so glad to get them because I need them seriously. The lotions are amazing. I love the smell and moisturizer. 


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