Saturday, June 30, 2012

No Flush - My favorite color in 4 day's wore and still look good. It is wet n' wild nail polish- Candy-licious /Rose BonBon
with Camera Flush or light.

It is real me with nothing on my face. might you noticed it first things, in the morning to go checking schedule but I choose being lazy today and Feel nice if sometimes to sleep over in weekend plus receive a note from my lovely daughter . 

End of June

Hi Friends!  End of June, Duh. Where's the time go at? Because as you know, I noticed this month went by so fast but I do have exciting  days coming up. Family & I going to LA for vacation.

Boil shrimp, potatoes, rice, salad and steak dinner was so yummy. I don't have photo of steak because were all chatting and each other had own games. shelby and daughter was playing a candy land, coloring and pokemon  yellow Nintendo. How are you doing in saturday? Hope all good :-)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pop Up Camper

           Hello Ladies, How are you all doing? I am quite busy lately. Yesterday, My husband pop up camper is already sold. I know, He gonna Miss it so much but We can't keep it forever since Pop up camper wasn't using in such a long time and not good, if we let all the time in our drove way park. that's why, He decide to clean and paint.

These whole view of pop up camper. My husband own this in a long time ago before I came into his life. Seriously,  sold very fast. He post it in online 06/26/12 and  Sold in June 27,2012.  Only picture left from memories of our camping trip last 2008 but so unforgettable and Was really enjoying that experience with family.  

I seen several styles of Camper. they are from small to huge: almost alike a Motor house and You can also drive them  for road trip. Pop up camper is cool- it can be collapsed for easy storage and transport. when set up, this type of tent trailer have a large, fold out beds and plenty be to sleep for family and friend.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Daughter does my Make up

Her Sweet Idea to put make up on me. Since,  not busy in weekend. I let her mind to create any color. Poke Eye I avoid here so that I close my eyes tight but thanks goodness She handle w/care, lol...

Here's the final look- only eye shadow and lipgloss


Friday, June 22, 2012

              Hi Dear :-)  Were just finish to put all our grocery stuff in cabinet, only organize tomorrow when feeling okey. I'm Actually very exhausted.  17 hour's running around from work to grocery and now in-front of computer talking with my family online.  It is a truly bliss for having a such of energy today I wish, every day like this.  how is that, can you manage 17 hours or more? love this pink flowers in our yard. have a fabulous weekend

Monday, June 18, 2012

drugstore Hauls


 I found something recently product that I bought from two drugstore in my town, walgreen and US drugstore.  Sometimes, I like special trip to go in store for window shopping but got tempting buying new stuff that I love to try.  These product I got from US drugstore. wet 'n wild single eye-shadow is only $ 1.99 each and Gold bond moisturizing lotion  I haven't try yet I will review it again  after couple of days using, will see the result first, lol.

While in the walgreen had a awesome deal. I grab the best opportunities to stock up  of two Yes-to carrot's facial cleanser even I didn't finish one yet but why not to stock up, for some reason is only $ 3.18 each compare to the regular price. This wet 'n wild nail polish is buy 2 get 1 free but one mint I had it a couple of days that's why decide to get another three colours.  Eos hand lotion is $3.99 for this small product but smell good for summer & real moisturizing too but I wasn't to think to get it because I have a 2 dollars off for only eos product. of course, sunscreen lotion for baby. this is nice for my daugther in summer.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Hello Lovelies :-) How have you been doing in weekend?  I hope everything is great especially to the father in whole world celebrating the father's day. Happy Father's Day to My Honey, My Papa and My Brother. You'll both amazing man in my life.

Looked at this two. They switch hat for fun. I love to shared this to you all How so really cute and Daughter said to him, Daddy " Your are the best buddy Daddy in the whole world wide and Thanks for butterfingers so was delicious, Can I have some more?, lol then we're all laughing to heard her asking. 

We all went up to my mother-in-law house for father's day lunch. Like, I always said, we love to ate Mom cooked. She cook best meal today for him and his favorite.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Essential Elements

           Hello Ladies :-) I was only looking for ink printer at k-mart store today but Some reason, Electronic and Beauty aisle  is close to each other that's why I found this awesome costume compact for 99c.  Since, I only saw one left I  grabbed it away :-), lol. 

              These are so affordable and you can get quite a few for such a small price. I love the big mirror, pretty case and eyeshadow so simply amazing.

It is perfect to go everywhere because such a cute compact. The eyeshade color : Wisteria, wheat, truly pink, Aubergine. 


Monday, June 11, 2012

lot of food to eat

            Great Saturday Dinner party. One of  My Husband student who invite us to met her family and few friends.  It was nice meeting them especially my daughter had a good time with Caroline and Tim. They Toasting Marshmallow and watching fire ( pretending they are in camp).

So Abundance of food in weekend. My Mother-in-law cooked for sunday dinner . I imagining my family every bite of my food. Thinking, hope they eat also a good food. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012


:-)  I found IONI cosmetic from Fred's store.  These are affordable and look so cute packaging.  I never heard this before. That's why, I pick  two items to give it try.  Online site: I love the eye-shadow color Rodeo and Dolly Lip-gloss. Made in U.S.A. Have you heard this product?


Friday, June 8, 2012

Love to Do

Hi Dear :-) 

           Something new that I love to experiment. These my First time baking ever. cupcakes, meat pie, cake pop and Pan de sal Bread.  

First cupcakes that I made and feel happy when you get it perfectly.   A Chocolate cup cake with a Peanut butter cream frosting is really delicious.  Hubby describe my cupcakes,looks like a volcano and Chocolate hills.

Oh my, I put to much decorate. isn't easy at all to control for the first timer, like me.  More Practice later soon and also really fun

My Meat Pie turn pretty good but only issue is hubby said, my dough is hard and to sweet. he is not fun of sweet, lol.  going to redo my dough again.

     This is the best way to create. so funtastic that I ever seen my daughter decorate and did a good Job.

Pan de sal-  (A salt Bread). I don't know if you heard this kind of bread but I do, Since when I kid it is my all time favorite. First think in the morning is hot coco or milk with pan de sal.  the only don't have with my pandesal is bread crumbs and special materials to slice, is really look different because, I made it in one minutes think and don't have a good materials around with me. Anyway, I am  shamed to show this to my family but I didn't regret it because this is my first time to made by myself.


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