Saturday, August 22, 2015

back to normal life

Here’s we are! Our first week to go back to works, school, and daily life thanks God, is weekend again. It was really tough week for both of us from long flight and straggling also from jetlag. Still won’t go away that fast. It’s feeling like torturing us this stress, too.

My husband feels worst than us. He was sick and 6 days hospital during our vacation in Philippines. Okay! I am not going through details of his privacy, that’s the one main reason. He had hard time to recovering. But, right away he got back from vacation he went seat and he did start working a lot of paper works, medical check up, and two days whole day in meeting that worst than anything’s else.

Daughter and I still made it to buy a school supply. She did do her job at home, like put dishes to the cabinet, she had two math homework in the first week of school. She helped me picked my mother-in-law okra from her garden. My mother-in-law was went to LA for her best friend funeral, is really sad.

I actually receive my tech parking tag I won’t worry getting ticket. My husband was purchase it for me in online. Husband and I went to lunch dinner with the school president. She is really sweet and nice to everyone.  

The birthday flowers and welcome back gift so, were back to normal routine life because vacation is over…


Thursday, August 13, 2015

We're Back From Vacation.

         Kumusta Everyone! Excuse me for the lack of posts. To be honest, I have few posts that I left in my blog before I went my travel but it was an automatic. So, I won’t worried and thinking posting when where in the Philippines the connection of internet is really slow I don’t trust to download any things there and I don’t have patient dealing with hassle connection because I choose to spent my time with family and not the slow internet connection. I can even open my instagram and face book in couple days there and it was okay for me. Since, I did post automatic in my blog I am thankful that we can do in advance in blog sites. I’m currently backed in state from vacation in Philippines. I have many stories to shared to all of you guys about from travel but in the few night, I was still fully awake @ 5:50 am! Now, I haven’t good sleep. In the Philippines and State it’s 12 hours different. I know everyone knows about this or you can go search goggle if what time in Philippines and Arkansas State.  It is morning here in Arkansas state 5:52 am and Philippines is night 6:52 Pm. I am in my zombie mood from days now and I am dealing with the worst jetlag ever.  I don’t know if I can make it to work this week but maybe, I call in sick since my jet lag and I got a cold from flight. We also need to go dental appointment for my daughter, so lot’s going on after the vacation.
        two  sample photo's of Polo- balingoan, misamis oriental, philippines. this is wonderful small island near the port of Balingoan you will see Polo-island when you traveling to go camiguin island. i will show more photo's of my birth place later, stay tons. 

         I'll talk to you'' later! xoxoxoxo

Monday, August 3, 2015

My Two Friends

               I receive two cards; one is from thank you note and Advance birthday Gift to me from my two friends Melyn and Queenie. After we done baby shower they give this “thank you Note Card” it say, You’ve Done So much Thank you for all the efforts.

               I do surprise that they also insert of T.J maxx gift card, worth of $ 50. Inside the card, Happy Birthday, Dear Friend (The Faith of a friend is lasting, the heart of a friends is true, and I’m grateful to have such a good friend who’s as dear and as precious as you!) I was so happy reading their message and I thankful to God that I had a true friend who there for me.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

More Flowers

I had loved taking picture to any natural beauty. My mother-in-law does planting a lot of flowers since we move this big house. I did plant few but most of them perennials which is I plant once then they come back every year. So, I don’t plant over and over. My mother-in-law is one of her hobby and favorite is planting and seeing the beauties of plants. They look worth it because they are so beautiful.


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