Saturday, January 31, 2015

Home Decoration

My mother-in-law bought these flowers at Lowes. These flowers live longer. I remember we bought it since, December 2014 and now, still alive. But, leaves and flowers are almost gone.

My husband bought this pretty orchid last year. We were watering this plant in once a week by with measuring. So far, this flower still looks pretty in the living room.  

My sister-in-law and my brother-in-law sent this to my mother-in-law for Christmas gift. When they send package or present to Mom. My sister-in-law informs me all the time about the package on the way for my mother-in-law. So, I know first before her.

Once a year, I do like to decorate 12 fruits at the table. Meaning bring luck. I grown up with this a Filipino traditions

My husband is art professor. This ceramic cup is one of his made and family been loving using his stuff. They are so cute and pretty to decorate at home.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mather Lodge State Park Arkansas

Here’s the front entrance of Mather Lodge restaurant in petit jean state park Arkansas. I been visiting several time in petit jean because it so close to drive from where we live at. I estimate about 40 to 1 hour drive but, I never been in Mather Lodge before. So, this is my very first experience. The restaurant food was fantastic and the view looks neat & clean.

We were thinking to go back there when it warm up little bit. I was spending inside the restaurant because for me, I was feel so cold and outside was windy. We walk and looked only inside the building. So, here’s the site if you are interesting:

My family and I tried to go to visit the Rockefeller but unfortunately was closed. When you get into Rockefeller entrance. You can see the big water pond with goose. 

We stopped to the rock house cave trail. So beautiful and hiking trail is also nice but we didn’t stay long because my mother-in-law was there with us and we don’t want her to waiting for us for so long. We decide not to stay and the reason too is I don’t have a good lens with me so all the photos taken from my phone. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Food from latino store

Hi Guys!

I went to the Latino store the other day and here’s the food I bought from their store since, their food almost similar to the Philippines I do like to shop. I had two snuffer’s fish, shrimp, 2 tomato, green onion, and bread, aloe drinks, pork chitcharon. I cooked all food for my two Filipina friend are both pregnant. I cooked the way they liked. So far, so good they are not picky yet. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Two Balikbayan Box

Hi Love!

I finally have done to send my balickbayan box to the Philippines. I spent a couple months or a year to filling up the boxes. This time I send two boxes I normally send only one box at a time. Since were planning to go Philippines in this year. I decide two boxes for gift and stuff for family. I had been like this company and my Filipina friend who picked our box when ever were ready.

My Filipina friend had to go work last Friday but she often to inform me ahead, not to worry because her husband is one who going to picked our boxes. So, 1/15/2015 my boxes are already picked up and I feel free when two boxes are finish. I didn’t make it this month but they schedule my boxes to send it on February, I am now hoping that will be receive in time when I am in the Philippines.

When the husband of my Filipina friend picked our box. Our two girls had a chance to play each other. We spent talking a Filipino food; stories and experiences while the kid are playing. Plus my brother-in-law and step kid are visiting so, was a full house and were all sleep late.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

homemade waffle

Hi lovely!

It’s Sunday here. Probably some of you went to church and going to lunch with family. I remember when I was working at nursing home I can’t able to spent with family or even of myself to out for lunch date because I always had scheduled to go work in the weekend. But, now I am blessed and I thankful to God for every single day. So, I have more time to spend with family especially to my daughter. If she requests anything to do in weekend like today, she wants to do make a homemade waffle and my mother-in-law help us to used her waffle maker. It was very awesome. Here’ some I shared it to you’ll I am very in love with the new technology. These waffles maker it very easy to used.  I do not know where my mother bought this waffle maker but I am sure they are everywhere in department store. I wish I could have this machine for my family in the Philippines? Anyways, very fun even my daughter always asking to do it again. And why not, is not that hard.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Holiday outfit & make up.

           My daughter took a picture of me before we going to the Christmas party of our friend. I guess she will be my photographer. Sometimes, she’s demanding what to do for posing which is good for me. The plaid top that I wore is in medium size it’s little bit bigger than my normal size. I just love a little bit roomy outfit so that I can easy to move fast and also, comfy. 

“Christmas outfit” Classic Plaid Button-up Top: Wetseal/ Legging: Wal-Mart/ Black shoes: Payless/

             Here I am holding a bottle of wine. During New Years Eve party we had few wine for everyone. I don’t drink any alcohol because my system won’t fight. I mean to say, the side effect so bad. I tries several time drinking wine I love sweet wine and margarita but, the next day, I had super bad headache all week long and that is not normal hangover because, it took forever to get feeling better. So, this time I just only pretend I drink as holding this bottle of wine. 

“New Years Eve Outfit” Scalloped Sequin Top: wetseal/ Jeans: Marva Consignment/ Shoes: Payless.

My make up look selfie in New Years Eve. Do you guys have any make up goal this year?

I don’t wear make up that often but if when I feel to put make up. I keep it look very simple.


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