Saturday, September 19, 2015

South Pacific Dance Troupe!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cleaning Day!

Lots of laundries, bunch of trash scatter everywhere at the floor. I haven’t finish cleaning about 3 weeks in a row already because I was busy practiced dance, work and more activities going on of my daughter and me. So, I have to stop going party or else the house getting look ugly. At this fast couple weeks my daughter getting socialist! I mean she found few friends in our neighborhood that she can play with! They invite my daughter several time to sleep over during weekends. And of course, my husband and I agreed (it’s good for her to get along to anyone) I tried to organize and look neat our bedroom but there’s a times we can’t finish work in one day.

I like looking folding pants or clothes and organize them in one place. I tried to tech my 9 years old daughter how they fold things especially her own stuff in closet but she have her own version. So, I let her do it the way she wanted! She is good helper as long you tell her.

Monday, September 14, 2015

September Shopping!

          Here’s the belated birthday gift from my beautiful stepdaughter.  I’m blissful receiving gift but my whole point! I am bliss because she still remembers me. My friend Mary jean had a baby shower party last august. Oh! I never thought to wont from guessing her belly (38 inches). I got a price from that right number. Must be Raquel and I are lucky day. 
          I bought few items from Tuesday morning store. The legwarmer is one thing that I looking for my 1970’s dance but, unfortunately I ended up buying more things that I can use. The items that I had are legwarmer, 3 pair sock, bottle, gift bag, and chocolate squares.

          The walmart bag is from recycle but that bag items inside are from marva consignment store, I don’t know if that make any sense. The first store we went shop are Kmart because it was to early after 8 o’clock in the morning which is all consignment store are still close. I got 1 red top, 2 legging for my daughter, and 4 clothes for baby gift I bought this for coming up baby shower party. Then I bought a wet and wild lipstick for me. After shopping from Kmart we went back to marva consignment store and we found pants, shirt and flowers for Hawaiian dance then, 2nd consignment is Goodwill and found shirt. Pants and teddy bear toys. I purposely shopping for fall and winter clothes for my daughter and of course, unbelievable she grown a lot. She is 9 years old wearing XL size now.

          I finally found the cheap badminton from T.J Maxx store. It is a $7:99 compare to $ 12:00 price. Its only temporary toys when ever we feel to play than borrowing.
i was bought my daugther leggings and shirt. i had also couples clothes for baby girl for baby shower. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day food.

A bunch of food in holiday and event’s! My mother-in-law cooked this delicious food from the Labor Day. She cooked fried onion, fried okra. Okra is fresh from my mother-in-law own garden. This year been well having okra and harvest every other day. It’s really such a blessing to us.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day!


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