Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hi Dear!  Yeah saturday, everyone excited for the three days weekend and We don't have school or work on monday because of labor day ^_^ awesome right. but, I have to study my test on tuesday.
 My Mother-in-law homemade Pizza for  friday dinner was very delicious. I indeed up eating a lot of food and I spoiling myself of this much.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

back to school

Hi! How are you guys doing? hope everything is okey especially college just started the school here. since, monday I can't barely see my husband or talk. it is the  beginning of our being life busy.

two weeks ago My 2nd grade daughter was very excited and her first year riding the school bus from school to home but in the morning my mother-in-law or husband can dropped her off to school. so, little bit in settle and the schedule is alright for both of us.

            xoxoxoxo lovelypetite_mom

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

More girl stuff

I love to go shopping  at TJ Maxx store and found some I wanted to get from there since, I have a gift card from birthday and I spent it all today. of course, I want a new Jean's in size 5, Vanity Mirror, Elf Blush and kids book for my daughter.
My daughter happy to opened this box and a  lot of clothes from my Mom friend. they are size 8 to 10 which is fit perfectly to her...  My Mom friend offered clothes from her grandchildren since they're grown up. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

backing in parking lot accident

 Here's before and after. I took some photo's of both car, the Gold color is my car with dinged bumper and scratch of the side but, we didn't report the damage to the insurance because to many hassle. anyway, My husband fix and used the glass stove cleaner  so, looks little bit better

The sky blue car is own one of my co-worker that I accident with in the parking lot.  did you see the  before and after photo's. she went to the shop who will fix any car problems. as she said, she paid only $10 bucks

I was backing up last monday ( aug 19, 2013) at 12: 27 afternoon) looked both ways and saw nobody was coming I have back up because there was indication that anybody was coming I started to back out and next thing I know, I heard hank and our car are already hit each other.

Were Physically okey but I'm still actually in shock from accident. Thanks God for protecting us were fine.  This accident happen after clocking out from worked I was totally embarrass because I think everyone of my co-worker was there and include my boss but, didn't see in actual accident of both car.

Very scary. The next day, I drive it was bother me to think of any negatively around but, I did trying to erase and build the new things to start to think positive in life.  I thank to my husband who help me feel better

"Here's what to do after a car accident"

Before an Accident
Being prepared can prevent stress after an accident. Keep a copy of your insurance information and a pen and paper in your car; it will make the post-accident process much easier. Since most mobile phones come with a camera, take a shot of the scene, after you are out of danger. You are required by law to have proof of your insurance with you, and insurers provide cards that carry all of your relevant insurance information.
Get Off the Road

Before you start gathering information from the other driver after a crash, it's important to get to safety as quickly as possible. If you had a minor fender bender, you don't have to leave the cars where they are. Often, the police will not come to file a report on a minor accident. Safely move out of the way of traffic, but if you can't move your car without causing further damage, don't try. Your insurance company should be able to hire a tow truck to move it for you.
Watch What You Say
After an accident, you should speak to the other driver only to get his or her information and to make sure the driver is OK. Don't admit fault or say "I'm sorry" during your conversation, as it could be used against you in future proceedings.
Gather Information
Your insurance company will need information to process your accident claim. Some insurance providers offer forms that can help you get organized while gathering information. You may need information from the other drivers involved, the name of your insurance representative and whether your car is damaged and how badly.
If you're in a crash, write down the following information of the people involved:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Make, model and year of the car
  • License plate number
  • Insurance carrier
  • Insurance policy number
Take these photos, if you can:
  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Accident location
  • People involved with the accident
Get information from the police officer if one is on the scene:
  • Name
  • Badge or ID number
  • Phone number
  • Police report number
Ask the police for a copy of the accident report. It may take up to a couple of days before it is filed. The officer's opinion of the accident will be useful if the drivers have a dispute about who was to blame. The police report will also have the officer's information on it in case the officer is needed to testify.
Note: Neither the other driver nor the police will need your Social Security number; don't give it to them.
File Your Claim
Call your insurance company immediately after a crash to start processing your claim; your insurance company's phone number is likely staffed 24/7. You will likely be contacted by your claims representative within 24 hours to discuss your claim.
Increased Premiums
After an accident that you caused, your premiums are likely to increase, at least for some period of time. The amount of the increases can vary from insurer to insurer.
Some insurers won't raise your premiums if you had an accident. In most cases, you will have had to have been a customer with an insurance company for many years and have never had an accident.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

School Supplies

Clothes@ Jcpenny Store,  Shoes/ School Supplies/ Back Pack @ K-mart

Light pack for travel

                See What are my make up and beauty essentials for trips and overnights stays! These are my go to, current favorite products and every trips I packed the same stuff.
                I recently got back from LA and thought it would be fun to shared in what make up or skin care I brought with me.

(Skin care)

! Make up Remover > Equate and Neutrogena cleanser wipes products are both best. these towelette are great for home or on the go. they removes make up color and even waterproof eye mascara with just a swipes or two and also hydrating are good to my skin....

! Moisturizing lotion > Clinique  Product- Dramatically different moisturizing lotion { very dry to dry combination}. It is so hydrating! My skin feel soft and is amazing to put under make up. Thanks a lot to my wonderful Mother-in-law. She help rescue my skin from being dryness. I notice, No breakout I used this 2 weeks already in every twice a day. I'm very happy with it.....

! i-Go scented nail polish remover pads. Its a best nail polish remover ever i had because 1 pads is enough for 1 hands and very easy to take the polish out from your nails with out drying. they are very oily and did not seem to harm the nail as the bottled type does.....

! Citaphil  facial cleanser > I bought the travel size { for all skin types, mild, non irritating formula soften as it cleans} I really like this facial cleanser its very gentle, moisturizing I will definitely purchase  the big bottle one when i running out of facial cleanser.

! Vidal Sassoon is a hairpin  >{ sure grip clix} comb teeth secure hold. if you have bangs: like i do. sometimes  bother me when to much hair cover to my eyes and this one secure all hair in one place with out covering your face.

! Freeman's Mask > Rose's brightening facial mask and blue agave paper mask. I bought two to give it try since I'll been wanted to have paper mask moisturizer. finally, found them at walmart. I both finish them and so far, I love the result.

! Sunscreen Lotion- its a Walgreen brands for children but, like to used them for myself as a facial sunscreen because, just mild scent.

! Ponds Moisturizing >  is good moisturizer too. When I was in the Philippines I like the brightening one, to help the skin light.

!Under EyeBryten > severe Dark circle and under eye puffiness
! Clinique > repair wear laser focus
!Clinique >turnaround overnight radiance moisturizer


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Road Trip to LA

                Were back from road trip. It was funtastic and My most amazing summer to visit with family in Louisiana. I'm guessing that this would be our last road trip in summer since, school gonna be open again. actually I got all the school supplies ready for the next week. all about now is figuring the routine to getting up early for school. Anyhow, last weekend I couldn't decide if I went this trip with family because I took off a lot vacation but, luckily I got permation from my boss and he'd say okey with it for monday and tuesday.

Country Village- I been this place 3rd time. they have a good bread and one of my favorite is apple pie fried. I don't know you but I do love pineapple .^_^.  

We'd stayed house of one of my mother-in-law best friend. I am so glad my daughter found Eli  as a playmate. they been know each other through picture and this time finally met. they are bought 7 years old and they get along each other and both friendly. 

In Louisiana there is a lot of corn field, cotton, soy beans we seen during driving around in Monroe LA. and also, My Mother-in-law had a lot of story about her life in LA. I love every stories 

All the way back to our town,  mostly cloudy and rainy. but must thankful we have it for the plant...

there's a lot of food but, I didn't care  taking photo that much since, I am around with family that the time I don't want them to think that I am weirdo with camera, hahaha...

Mocca Cake >  made in Philippines. when I was in PI this is one of my favorite and now daughter  favorite too.  found it in Monroe Louisiana ( Asian store). 

Water Melon Seeds <:> is my entertainment. while were in the road trip. I am addict with this seeds too.

Okay, I been eating like a pig.  I gain back to 112 pounds in  4 days trip and also, I was craving a lot with pineapple lately. 

lovelywife and PetiteMom

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Gift

                        August is pretty Amazing for me because, step by step I fulfill what I wanted in my life. Not long ago, I mention here already that I'm officially american citizen and also, last  saturday was my 30th birthday.  OMG!
My husband joke ^_^  I'm Over-the-hill :-) Proud of it anyway, I thank my family I have no words can't even begin to describe how much they mean to me. 
                        here's another gift from My mother-in-law. I went to T.j Maxx but, found nothing.  I got all this surprisely  because the facial moisturizer is base on my skin type. I'll been eyeing the clinique stuff in a long time. oh! it come with free. the blush and lipstick I give to her back since the color is more good to her skin tone.
My step-daughter gift these to me. and, loving it especially on this summer for my smoothie ^-^ there's a star with Happy Birthday. 
Red, white and blue- the American flag colors. My step-son who'd give me a candle as for congratulate and he greet my birthday too.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

coffee, crab-legs, DQ

I'm addicted with this 3-1 Nescafe chocolatte smell and taste delicious.  I definitely love  it especially breakfast. 
Okey guys, I am a crab legs lover. My husband knows my favorite. he bought 10 pounds for my birthday and we still have a lot left over but, we plan to make some gumbo and soup.
Today is over 100 degree outside. My Mother-in-law  offer us to stopped DQ and get some this for treat.

Lovely wife and Petite Mom

Sunday, August 4, 2013

OMG! The Big 3~OH! ^_^

I am always so curious about make up. Putting make up is not often happen w/me but, in my birthday or occasionally I want to experiment a color, so here's me and make up.
My Sister Friend does my hair styles. She is good in it and she knows more any hair styles ( Talented) 

Me and My sister friend are went to the bath and body. Yeah, I got this for myself I love the creamy body wash is one of my favorite for shower stuff....
My Daughter is very sweet. She is the most gift that I have in my life.  

My mother-in-law is one knows my favorite store in our town.  She asked me too if what  I want in birthday but,  since I getting older.  I focus much with the family.  Hey, I have them all so, my life is complete.
I found a filipina friend and we got to know each other about a year now, not to mention her name but were the same dialect She is 5 years younger than me and now, we treat each other as a sister since, I don't have one in the family.  
when I was 20's I always dreaming to get a nice birthday party and cake and gift but, when I hit 29 everything is change. I feel I got all this time and nothing I could ask for but, all I want everybody in the family is happy and healthy. 
My husband asked if what I want in my birthday. he almost get a forever 21 birthday card for me but, I told him that this time I don't need anything but family. he is very funny  partner and my partner of any crime especially candy and chocolate. you know, I am trying to lose few weight because 115 is not my normally size but he know, I keep all chocolate and candy for the family back home in Philippines.
There's a lot of food yesterday. I cooked the few eggroll and hubby cooked the chilli hot dog. the parties was very easy and simple but, had a good time with family and friends.

Lovely wife and Petite_Mom


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