Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Triple Birthday Party

Hi Beautiful!
        I am actually quite busy here! but the same time, :-) I feel so excited this coming events on aug 3rd. Triple Birthday party for Ariana, Evelyn and me. Haven't experience this before but fortunately I met friends who same birth month. So, going to celebrate it together. We invite mostly Filipina, of course include husband and kids since one of our celebrant will be turn 3 years old. My daughter very excited to play with friends too.
        I have to do listing for food shopping on two days from now. nice to prepared early because friday afternoon suppose all is ready, 4 o'clock will start the Birthday Party. I don't know who else gonna come but the other celebrant have a lot of friend to attained. As I know, I invite my friend but 5 person can be there include me and my husband, lol ;-)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birthday Gift Come Early

Hi Friends :-)

        Next Month is My Birthday, Yeahhhhhh :-) My husband and My Mother-in-law give a early birthday present to me since I can use it on my birthday party.  I saw my husband yesterday carrying a package, I ask him if what is it inside?  He just run went to our room with my daughter trying to close the door...So, I jump out from sofa then check what they hiding from me but when I stepped in the room I guess about was his order online for me  a Camera.

     Finally here, It's a Canon Eos Digital Rebel T3. I am still learning how to use it and keep more reading a manual book for my new hobby stuff but I am already having fun w/it so far. I was wishing to get a good quality photo's in each memories and These also with one of my long bucket list. Love it

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Filipina Gathering, Birthday and Baby Shower

Hi Beautiful,
             This is last sunday event's post. It's been a long time, haven't attending party w/ Fil-gathering. One of My close friend who invite us to come  and So,  chance to show up myself. Yeah, It such a surprising I got met so much new filipina in town and they are  also got surprise to seeing me again after 2 1/2 years ago. Anyway, was a long story why I been stopped attending.
I was at my Mother- in-law house to have lunch with her. Really, Un expected to go these party. I wasn't wear proper outfit or clothes.  but they told me, bring yourself :-) so I did  listen them and come to the party wearing sleeper and no any make up, lol..
Here some photo with everyone, during baby shower, birthday and filipina gathering. I didn't have camera with me that day but Thanks for face-book tagging.
So funny, My Pink purse in my left shoulder all the time because  I was hiding something.
So Many Photographer :-)  can't watch right....
this is Stolen shoot of me- No idea who take picture but somebody
I still holding my drinks here. was in the middle of eating. thanks goodness, they dont take photo with food in my Mouth, hahaha..
I don't have no clue what I was talking but they are so happy & interested :-)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Kids Games


        My Mother-in-law bought  this from k-mart store. She was thinking Ej when she saw it in shelf in toys area. My Daughter loves it and so do we. A candy-land- has been a classic childhood board game.


         She recently receive few toys from My Sister-in-law. We didn't see her and cameron this time because they also took a vacation to georgia  but she enjoy playing those gift.

I know, it is a stuff toys but we all confuse. so that, My Daughter  given a name  "unicorn pig" because maybe to personality  looked like, lol

     Stickerland and Princess dress up- She enjoying playing it lately.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Girl

Miss, My Lovely Girl! She spending the night with GrandMa.  I took her a photo wearing my jacket then she said, I will be a future model in the family :-)  since I am pretty. She make us laugh " sure, you are" grandma said*
Our home so quite. Just husband and I cooking for dinner. I will going to sleep early, pretty soon. One more day then two days off in weekend

Happy Thursday Everyone

Day Outfit

               left- Photo : Top T.J Maxx, Black leggings- Philippines
                     Right- Photo:  white skirt @ Marva and Tee- Jcpenny

            Hi Friends,  I don't know how to explain this heat, So humid ( over 100 degree out there) especially inside the Car....  I know, you also complaining how hot it is. We don't have any rain :-( and outside super dry. Poor pLants they are look gonna dying 
           These outfit I wore several time to go to store and people kind nah looking at me :-)So, pretty Bad  I feel wasn't comfortable with that. I am super sensitive woman.  One time, I went to children clothes for my daughter. there's lady ask, about my size. she thought her 14 years old daughter is same size of me.. I didn't tell but I was embarrass  :-) 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vanilla Cup Cakes/ Pancit Bihon

Vanilla Cup Cake
Pancit Bihon 
Vanilla Cup Cake--  made a very simple Cup Cake. I love the way it turn out pretty good, isn't sweet at all. I put low sugar.
 Pancit Bihon- It is a filipino styles of Pancit. My Husband and Daughter love to ate these homemade cooked. I definitely to make this again on birthday party soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Vacation

Hello :-)  I let it publish before to late, hahaha.. It is photo from our summer Vacation. 
               I love to go somewhere, any place with someone who very loving. I do admit, Every time I met my husband family in Louisiana. They are real so sweet
                   Our Day One: (After meeting one of my friend in Shreveport Louisiana. We went to my Brother-in-law house for couple of days spend with them in July 4rt. That was a tiring day from work to road trip but lucky, am I got so much energy or just excited to see swimming pool? anyway, we are far away from ocean now which I suffering in almost five years  because I am originally grow up; in a small island in the philippines.

                Day two: (It's all about fun day.  isn't cute, huh? The police car super unique that's because My first time seeing it. I took advantage to get picture with my daughter in there. My Mother-in-law and My husband took us to the corn field around while, they showing us them land property. That's we are in the back of truck was going to the wood house cabin :-)

Day Three: ( swimming pool party. My husband cousin who invite us to come swimming. Of Course, we are excited. My husband and daughter is really good buddies all the time.)

         Day Four(  That's me with my Cousin-in-law in kitchen. I was waiting her special salad. In Bed, Daughter and I sleep the same room but separate bed. So, both very comfortable.

            Day Five:  ( Cute:-) little driver. She having a good time playing toys. We stayed different house of my husband family and  every house had own fashion that's my daughter love to live there because lots of toys and they start spoiling her) 

               Day six: ( Our we back to AR. It was really rain but we made it to bring a flower's in cemetery and met family in Mexican restaurant.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hamburger Dinner

            My Husband did very good Job hamburger meat. He invite couple of friend to come over for hamburger Dinner. Of Course, everyone enjoying together and ate a homemade food.  I am proud to tell you'll he is a man love to cooked for someone close to his heart. This hamburger super delicious and fresh.  what I like is to put stuff in your own choose, like mine I skip a cheese, mustard those is less of my favorite. you can make your own version w/it I put have in my bun, meat, mayonnaise, pickles, bacon, lettuce  so simple but my tummy so happy. 

        My Daughter Friend Emma went to vacation in california while also Ellen went vacation in Louisiana with us.   So, finally today, they play together and both plan to play again tomorrow sunday :-) 
                   She put fake tattoo and make up on her face. If you can see butterfly and make up color matches to her earring and dress.  My mother-in-law bought her dress in T.J Maxx store.  Every time My Mom pick a dress and MADE IN PHILIPPINES Were both big laugh with that  


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fourth Of July

Hello Friends, I have to many photo to post from Vacation. In our fourth of July-  My Husband, Daughter and I went to the Natchitoches Park in Louisiana. We saw amazing fireworks that night is crowded and noise but both had a good time watching fireworks in 15 minutes.  We also experience traffic and couple of blocks there had a fire truck, trying to save a house but they didn't make it so one house burn cause of electric problem.


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