Sunday, March 10, 2013

E.L.F EyesLipsFace Haul

Hello Lovelies! I still feel crappy from being sick but today trying to manage myself to do some stuff around the house. Yes I did few cleaning and laundry and now, the rest of my afternoon is in bed going to get some sleep for tomorrow. 

Few weeks ago, on elf Valentines free shipping if you order $14 and more. So here's My Product that I Purchase. It's  gonna be Mini Elf Haul because nothing much in the bag :-) The 5 Items that I loving to try from elf studio 

2 Baked Blush
Coverage Concealer
Pointed Foundation Brush
Small stipple brush

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hello! How are you lovelies?  about me, I don't have that much to post. but, actually I annoy and hate this feeling sick and I haven't done whole day Just lying bed and fight with cough and stuffy nose. 

My daughter study her homework. she had a lot absences of this school semester because of sickness. last friday, we got a note from principle as reminder to us. So feel, tired of this situation too. 

She been trying to catch up all the activities in the school. hope she can make it to the 2nd grade. the only problems is when it get sick, you can't send them to the school and also, 10 days limit of absences of every semester. so, grrrrr

 The other day at worked. One of the staff, She hand me a coupon book from Goody's department store. I accepted and look if there's any things special I was surprisely found the shape-up shoes sneaker brands I don't know how much this original price but, it was given it in low price $ 36-$10 of my coupon so I paid $ 28 w/ tax.

     We absolutely love the alphabetical cracker. A& E ....

Sunday, March 3, 2013

More Packing

 Were not finish packing. Yesterday, I'll been helping My Mom to get more boxes and put the things in one place.  Her house right now is all  box everywhere because so soon, we gonna bring them all in the storage place for couple of months until we can find a new house to live. Meanwhile, she will move with us but our house is to small for two family. that's why were still looking new houses, sign :-( we already tired, lol....

Oh, Inside this box not going to the storage. Were going to shipped her to the Philippines. hahaha, I am just joking. but, I know how she love the box to play with and the same time, watching a cartoon in TV.


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