Monday, April 28, 2014


          The weather was bad yesterday and tornado was very scary. The siren would not come off until at 1 oclock in the morning and still had lightning several time. Anyway, In the house, were trying to find a place to hide. A small place that far from wall or not close to window. I am little bit crancky today since I haven't good sleep last night because of scary tornado.

My daughter had some toys to bring. in case, Were going somewhere. I told her to bring one toys and she come out with bunch of toys in her hand.
My husband bought some vegetable for me to cook. So, heres what look like..

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our weekend.

              My friend Queenie came to visit us in russellville. We went some clothes shopping at Ross and tj maxx. Then, we bought some food to take home. So, here's hubby requested food from Latino restaurant and fish for us.
     Ej loves bread. Any bread, as long it sweet.  
Here's the fish look like we'd order from Latino restaurant. It $7.89 with sauce,rice, and salad. 
Okay! It is very delicious. I cooked fresh crabs w/ coconut milk, red bell pepper, salt, and black pepper. Because, to much things to do in one day. I haven't finish folding clothes and it is what look like in the living room.

Spring fling 2014

       The picture taken from i-phone. it's looked not so clear. but anyway, my daughter had a good time from spring fling. at least, i made it to go with her even my body was so tired. she met a lot of friend to played. we ate some pizza, burger and she went few activities like painting t-shirt and watch movie during night and pop corn... it was amazing friday.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


        Happy May everyone!  I love pineapple lately especially the weather sometimes gets hot. The sweet and juice like this pineapple are good and delicious. I do also used them for smoothie. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Day.

Handmade headband by lovelyMom. 

She was hunt egg inside the house. she found few in kitchen, living room.

she's hunt eggs in the back yard. 

she paint egg to pink, blue, orange, yellow, green, purple.
Happy Bunny Day. and finish painting eggs.

I felt so guilty to my daughter. I always late to know the information of egg hunt in our town or I did not check right if there’s egg hunt. She never went to that activities around other kids since were in state. But each year, we do traditional egg hunt at home. In our back yard, we fill up some stuff in basket and few coins and dollar inside the plastic egg.

My daughter best friend called us and asks if she can come over to play with her at her grandma house. And, she did come since, were live so closed. They played whole day in Saturday and I have a chance to go to the birthday party. Since, anyone doesn’t want to come to the party. I did myself to go alone for the first time without daughter and husband. It’s also my brother in law visiting. My husband want to spent with him. So, everyone had a planned to do. But I do enjoy myself with Filipina in the party and I met old friend that I haven’t seen in a long time.

Today is Sunday, my brother in law went back home to Louisiana but we had a good time. I just wish to have fun everyday especially with family. Like, we wish that everyday is holiday.


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