Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall fiesta & Pink Month

                           It's been busy lately some few errand of myself to accept new job and trying to get adjusting for anythings. I can do it even how hard it is, just always think positive especially my future with family.
Battery for my pink digital Camera. that's was my  x-mas gift in 2008 when I was window shopping in store, you will see a lot of pink for breast cancer awareness. so really need battery of my daily used, lol.

She love everything with pink, that's my daughter. her first favorite color.

Wristbands is pretty cute pink with faith Print. I had this from work and was wearing about a week now. as a showing your support for breast cancer. 

I found it in my closet while digging all stuff inside storage. Like wearing pink soft in my nail.

We had a good time this past weekend. Went to Fall Fiesta in our place. they had so many-things there but most exciting is she ride a little fairy-wheels and when it's almost done. they are all stock up inside because got a mechanic problems.  while were exploring a car contest, this car with pink color  is for breast cancer awareness from coka- cola brand. if you seen fall Fiesta they had a old Car from 1914, that was amazing huh!...

Monday, October 24, 2011

October 18

                  Here another photo from event's. our luncheon during meeting w/governor.  actually my husband not agree to post his photo in blog. So, Just decide  to escape our attire clothes and more importantly how they arrange our lunch w/them and meet professional people is was fun experience.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fiona Night

                  A little post to show my newest pair fiona night.  This is my first ever to have own  5 inch & 1/1/2 platform  high, black and gray w/silver high heel sandal from payless. honestly, I don't like when I first saw it in store because how I manage to walk w/it? but couple minute shopping, happy to got it than nothing. the fact is, they don't carry much my asian 5-size foot  and that's a hard time for me.
                  In my small town they have a department store name a Carnival shoes and we went down there to look some pair  shoes, sandals and really, found one that I in- love with but it doesn't fit at all So we decide to went back payless and grab this fiona night for last minute but really comfy when I try it on...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Asian Store

I bought some goodies from asian store. I picked up a lot of noodles, egg rolls wrappers, Sardines,  Sauce and a tiny salted shrimp. Spent Over 100 bucks.  I realize, all of this stuff so pricey now. 
            We don't have asian store in our place  that's why, I feel in heaven when hubby decide  drove a special trip about 1 1/2 to 2 hours .  only four time  a years to shopping there for stock up food in our freezer and cabinet. 
I thankful this all to my husband for always understand. He help me a lot not to be homesick. happy, happy, happy now......

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Noodle soup

                       I am not fan of cold weather but here's already come. anyway, I made this in first time a version of pho noodle soup Vietnamese. I was decide to cooked soup for him since yesterday he got a coughing and sore throat. My husband and I stayed home whole day. actually, He still not feeling well.
                       My Mother-in-law and My daughter got a flue shoot in school. I remember, once a year to get a flue shoot and I need to get mine soon. Brrrrrrr, Weather is change a lot from 100 degree down to 55 degree.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Arkansas arts council

Governor's Arts Awards and Individual Artist Fellowship Awards.

           I am so proud seeing my husband in stage and lot's of people attending this events. they are all  professional and smartest person that I seen in my life. it is also first ever to see a  governor of Arkansas but most awaited day is all about my husband to deserving won of this award a visual sculpture. My mother-in-law and I + his two student to give a support of him being a good One Artist and Teacher.

Sorry, the quality of my camera isn't good inside the building so dark and I was seat, table #10 is  little far from stage. anyway, it is some photo I taken today. 

I'am going to post some photo so soon but now I feel totally exhausted and need some rest.

Monday, October 17, 2011


              Nothing special but this one years old tree is so beautiful in our front yard. I wish, the leaves color: stay forever but not gonna happen, leaves now all gone. well then, just say you tree again ( each years in the same season). We both picked this tree last summer 2010 at lowes store and it so perfect but one of our back yard tree is wind knocked off last spring. Now nothing to complain about it is still growing even so small at least we had few them in our yard.  two years ago, we had a big tree in a front yard but was unlucky wind knocked off and this is now replacement.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


 Here's one of my favorite veggies. Very easy to cooked & Simple but Delicious.  down below, I had also a bowl egg.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

elf cosmetic

                 Receive my order so fast in three days.  It was amazing in $14 value with free shipping too.

Elf Studio Mineral Face Primer

            Receive sample of smashbox photo finish primer and I was love it, but was put off by the price
($36) it will hurt your wallet so bad, lol.  So after reading  some blogger review about this elf face primer then I decided to try it  because only $6  and it leaves my face feeling so soft. this  elf product  so amazing but after about 4 uses i couldn't pump the remaining product out.

Tone Correcting Concealer

             I got two of this concealer  medium and honey. they are both works well in my skin tones and easy to uses.

Essential Custom Eyes

            only one mocha color that I order from them.  it's a pretty eye-shadow and pigmented.   going to get compact and another color of this eyeshadow if I can go to K-mart store. only that store I know to carry this product.

Elf single eyeshadow 

I absolutely love this eyeshadow.  a amethyst color is pigmented and cute packaging.  

2 dollar brushes. I am just started using make up product so more practice and get to learn more.  I love elf brushes. those are affordable and it gonna last long. since i got experience my other brushes from also elf. they are still great.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

happy plate

                   I ate a bunch of food tonight. really, was delicious. We still have left over chicken but he decide to cooked steak and skillet potatoes, onion and cheese. But I picked up a beef steak w/rice I am the one who didn't ate of cheese, weirdo... I observe my daughter who ate dinner so fast from steak to rice and say, Happy plate you'll guys.....

                                                      My Husband, homemade steak.
                                               Potato, Onion and Cheese
                                                  hamburger meat and french fries.  can't ate whole, my mother-in-law order this for me during lunch w/her neighborhood friend in cracker barrel restaurant.



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