Friday, January 31, 2014

Broccoli in My Head.

 Hi lovelies, 
        what a gloomy here lately. The weather condition is always changes a lot, which is so annoying especially when it wind and below freezing together. This is has been the worse cold that I ever tried. Hoping to finish this up pretty soon. Anyhow, today is the last day of January and the first month of 2014 goes that fast to me. Since, I took a classes and working mom. The schedule makes me so busy.

        I have not notice I ate too much broccoli and I did cooked twice in a row this week for dinner. when i was at restaurant ordering scallop, shrimp with broccoli. My husband asked if i ever get tired eating broccoli.I said, seems its okay and healthy. My daughter favorite French fries dipping with ketchup and she make smiley face with her meat. Happy weekend everyone

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

color of my lip.

Finally, My husband bought a book for my class. Which is so pricey for one semester. One thing, we decide to buy it than renting because, I do scared how if, it’s too much to think negative comes out in my head. The price of book to rent is 49 and if you buy its. It cost $ 74.07 with tax. To make it sure, we buy it and sale it again later when is done using of this book.

I had three days weekend off. Spend reading chapter and of course, stay home since a lot of thing to do around the house.  Today, just all got back to work and school. And, today is going to be long day around the town. I was getting out from house at 3 clocks in the morning and I am still here waiting for my daughter to get out from school for her dental appointment. #selfie me with favorite lip color.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


                    I heard so many advice there’s no age limit to go back school and isn’t yet late to start. Here I am, I took their advice and actually yesterday is my first day in class. I was graduate college 2005 in Philippines. And, this semester I decide to get back school after nine years. I feel already this going to be tough for me in college. I met few of my classmates and my expectation was this class will lot from foreign country but I was wrong: most of them are there native to speak English and Americans. One of my classmates he took twice already just this subject. So, when I got home from class. I talking myself maybe, I got a wrong class but wasn’t. I’m about feeling discourage my grammar, sentences, spelling and also, I’m not good in essay.

                   Now, I looked online for my textbook.  Evergreen textbook is one of my requirements in this class. Hoping next week but the books price is little pricey about $100 bucks or so. Meanwhile, my husband helps me a lot. He looked up this book online and he downloads it to my tablet. But, waiting to get the book because, I can carry it anywhere and read it when is free time. Tablet also well but I don’t get fight getting the wireless connection. Sometimes is hassle too when is low battery.

                 I don’t have yet major unless if I complete this foundational composition in writing and reading. Of course, I have to take an algebra examination but depending of how much you get from test because, they only decide which course you going to except if you get a great score from exam. To be honest is little bit hard. I am a slow learning, working my job 8 hours, a mom and wife and also financial… at least one free class is help myself to start, who knows. Someday, maybe this is my chance to get a master degree.
               If there’s anyone own this book. Let me know, please ^-^ hope not very pricey. I need it for this semester.  The book is Evergreen 10th edition. Thank you guys for reading. I am little bit of worried L  

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Yahoo chat w/ my mother

                     I’m officially gone back to work last Thursday and Friday after holiday off. It wasn’t fun for the two days at work because to much things to catching up. Even though so busy and was tiring Friday night, I still feel excited talking with my mother in online chat.  Thankfully the Internet connection in island where she live was nice but except the headphone it wasn’t working right. I can hear her voice but she wouldn’t heard us even we talking so loud. At least we saw her enough in camera.
                     I miss her so bad and my family. My daughter was happy when she saw her grandma online. She called grandma Philippines as a mama Lola. And her grandma in state called Mimi.

                    We talked on phone and chat online sometimes. I wish she know how to used the computer and do it skype instead but she still hard time, getting in yahoo mail because also she doing a lot of busy thing in the island. She was taking cares of her another two grandchildren, Avon and little bakery business of family. So that her, super woman! She does my inspirations.

                   My Mother is my best friend. If I could, I want to take her anywhere I go. But, there’s also family who needs her help and I don’t want to take her away from them. I am also thinking she not going to like a cold place and far from family and relatives. 

                   All matters now, my family live close each other even I am one who lives a thousand miles away but they still thought about me/us here. I have my own family. My husband, my daughters are big blessed in my life.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Eve Party

             Here’s the photo’s from New Years Eve party.  Were got invited the party with other Filipino/American I was glad I went there with my husband and daughter. We’d stay until midnight and count down to welcome the 2014.

            Today, We just spend staying in the house and take a lot of nap before going to work tomorrow. It’s time for me to go back to work after taken a long holiday off. I wish, there’s another holiday because spending with family is the best feeling ever and it’s definitely a memorable moment to celebrating Christmas and new years 

The other day I picked 12 kinds of fruits for preparing new years traditional of Filipino/Philippines. It’s my first time to done it by myself in state. I’ll been so curious about it when I was young. I was seen my mother doing it this every year. So, this year I give a try to put some fruits in the table especially in our new house. My mother and husband was impressed what I doing…. Anyway, we all love fruits especially fresh.

Welcome to 2014. Kids are so cute. They also had fun last night with other kids. My daughter enjoyed playing and eating food. Of course, if where is the party is always there a lot of foods and always taken photo’s.

New Year Resolution.

pic from google

              Its time to make a list for New Year resolution. I know, easy to make one but hard to do even a basic routine of our daily activities. To be honest, am not perfect on anything’s. I often fail of my own rules, ha-ha but if you choose not to…. well, wishful thinking never hurt anybody.

             I start thinking what to do on my future ahead. I do have so many wishes to be done and wanted to get all success. I will try as I can by depending also, what God gives to me. If don’t success the things that I wishing for. I have to accept it, is that not for me.

             Right now, here’s my New Year resolution list- feeling determined.

  1. Save money- I start this idea 52 weeks saving challenge. What I thought, might this idea help a little bit if I keep going? I really need to save money because I want
    • A plane ticket- wanted to go visit my family in Philippines.
    • I wanted to gift my mom a washing machine, new TV, video player and mobile phone has a connection to face book, email, skype, so that I can talk to her anytime. 
  1. Spend time with daughter and families
  2. Start organizing my time and followed a daily schedule.
  3. Start exercise
  4. Limit myself to going a face book, candy crush, (might, 3x in a week after done the schedule or whenever is free.)
  5. Cook at home more often and learn American cooking.
  6. Grow a simple garden on summer.
  7. Pick up a new hobby (read book, blog)
  8. Grocery shopping-one’s a month) avoid looking a beauty aisle and clothes
  9.  I want to get a class in spring
  10.  Drink more water or tea instead coffee and coke
  11.  Eat healthy food
  12.  Sleep 8 hours or soo everyday and avoid stress
  13. Listen to my favorite music and more
  14. Bubble bath twice in a month (give extra myself pampers)
  15.  A date trip- bring daughter to kids museum, zoo and have more family fun date.
  16.  Send her a swimming lesson on summer.
  17.  schedule a regular date night on my calendar with hubby.
  18.  Give up eating sweet
  19.  Start playing my favorite sport.
  20.  Watch less TV
  21.   Stop over thinking.
  22.  Keep a cleaner house
  23.  Encourage my daughter more
  24. Star believing in myself.
  25.  Create special times with those closest to me.
  26.  write letters to people in my-life to let them know what they mean to me.
  27. Plan a trip to a place i have always wanted to go.
  28. try to be a good daughter and daughter in-law
  29. Be happy and nice often.


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