Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow in February 2015

Today is the last day of February. I feel the day and month goes faster. I can’t wait spring to summer because I start counting the days to our travel to go vacation in Philippines. Were very excited to see my entire family especially to my parents, brother and niece and nephew.

We still have a month before spring break to come. But I am trying not to crazy to think of it. Just stay calm and relax. Do kind of busy things it faster if I don’t think too much.

Here are photos from snowy day. We are happy when it snow because all school decide to closed because for everyone safety. I love snow but not fan of cold and icy. I hate when icy is hard for me to drive and got a lot of trouble at road, like sleek. But, still thank to God because if you saw other places they had more snowstorm and very bad its 9 inches tall in Boston this year.

I hope last night is the last snow because we wanted to get out and do more activities. Were tired stay inside and not much to do but eating haha

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Daughter Plaid Shirt

This plaid I bought it from target, long time ago. I wore them several time until get struck of couple washes in dryer. I was wanted to get a medium size when it comes a 100 percent cotton but I was try this on in small size and was fit perfect. I bought it because its pretty red/navy color and also in sales. It still fit on me but I give it to my daughter. 
This is her first ever plaid that she own. She saw this red/black & white plaid at Wal-Mart store and she was asking if she could have it. And of course, I bought it for her at size 12/14 a little bigger than normal size that she wore 9 but its to tie. 
Another plaid outfit that I pass her on. She obvious grown so fast I can’t believe. Today is her birthday and she turn 9 years old. 

This is her most favorite color. It has a pink girly color. She found it in consignment store and it was really cheap, too. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Icy, Snow and Freezing Rain

 Hey Friends!

I called in at work this morning. The road still icy, snow and freezing Rain outside. I don’t feel like to drive anywhere when the weather looks bad. I’m scared driving when its icy because is not safe.

When around 6:30 in the morning the school campuses are closed Monday February 16, 2015 due to inclement weather. That’s what I receive to my mail. I am happy to stay home. I hope this is the last coldest of the year. I can’t wait till to spring season.

What I love to stay home I feel done a lot around the house and spend with my daughter and family. I done cleaning our closet, floor, bathroom, and changes our bed sheets. Then get lazy for the rest of the day.

We don’t get that much snow but were scared so fast to have heavy icy, snow because we don’t get it often here. That’s why they decide to closed campuses (no school & no work for me).

Happy Monday you’ll

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Boodle fight Menu

Hello Dear!

A month of February had so much activities going on here. My families have a birthday coming up on February 22 and February 23 and today my brother-in-law is coming to visit valentines and us this coming weekend.

Last weekend, my friends and I done kamayan a Filipino styles, it was fun and I wish we can do more next time. Of course, it was also so much cooking but worth it after because all food we prepared are so delicious. We had pancit bihon, smoked fish, rice, chicken barbecue, and pork barbecue and cassava cake. We also had a chicken soup tinola but I forgot to put at the table.  

I already mention my two friends are both pregnant and I was glad they both like the food we prepared. I understand sometimes pregnancies are so picky. They ate a lot especially the cassava cake. We absolutely were doing it again.

Have a good Day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

LEGO Friends

I understand now, why she loves Lego friends. They are so fun to build and interesting at her age. She had that long patience to do connect a tiny thing into one pieces. I was no doubt that she can do it build so past because she focus and most of all she having fun with it.

She and her best friend Emma are both interesting of this kind of stuff. They do this together sometimes at Emma’s grandma house. They do also pricey but worth it.  As of now, she only had two kind of Lego friend. 1 is the jungle bridge rescue and 2 are the downtown bakery.

41036 - Jungle Bridge Rescue. Ages for 7-12 it has a 365 pieces of building toys and two books for instruction. My daughters receive it from her best friend Emma during Christmas. 
It is also party of jungle bridge rescue. She finishes it past to build these Lego friends. She and her best friend are both love them. They plan to go to Lego land in Florida this coming spring break. 
41006 - Downtown Bakery for ages 6-12 and it has 253 pieces
I bought it for her in Christmas present and she actually build them after she receive it in Christmas day.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Children Leggings

My eight years old daughter wore different color of leggings. We can tell it’s her favorite outfit to go school or just casual outfit. Legging is been loving and popular pieces to any styles of outfit right now. This type of styles is very comfortable. We can even wear them at home. She love to picked her own outfit since, she was a six years old and more now she getting big when we shop to the store she only choose what she want to get. I don’t fight of any of that but, I would say to her. If you get things make sure you love them. And she does picked things she loving. We also corrected her outfit if it is proper to wear at school and it’s also depended of the weather.

Well, guys I just like to post this leggings outfit for children. I hope you’ll have a good weekend. Take care you’ll


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