Sunday, August 24, 2014

Daughter Outfit

                                                  Top/ TJ Maxx/
                                                   Short/ gives from friend/
                                                   Sandal/ k-mart/

Beautiful Sunny

Hi lovelies!

The computer fixed and I can write blog post here again. We enjoyed our weekend so much. The weather is great all this coming week is humid but I like it. The Clarksville Lake was so beautiful here in Arkansas. 

So, we had a good time taking photos in sunny day. My daughter is one of my photographer. She’s in a good mood to taking photos and she did a good Job, too.

Top- TJ maxx
Jeans- Ross
Sandals-Philippines Market.

               Have a great Weekend!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rhea Lana

I love to join this consignment event every twice a year. Mostly kids clothing for summer and winter. I do found something good deals in there.

My daughter grown up so fast so, each year. I have to buy new clothes to rhea Lana consignments. If you have old clothes, toys or children stuff you also can bring there to Rhea Lana and sales it again. They also have a junior and woman clothing. But, I would say, mostly for children.
Here, what I bought from the Rhea Lana store! I went there  after I found out that my daughter dental appointment is in wrong schedule instead 2:30. They put us to 3:30. So, I have a time to go shop. 
I bought Barbie toys, Halloween costume, pajamas, and one white t-shirt for my daughter. I of course, found for myself since, I am small. I had a pick aeropostale jacket, skirt and two pants.
They are second hand stuff but they are still in good condition.
This black boots for my daughter. I was looking for she and myself decide to pick this one for her. Oh, only 1/2 inch then she can wears my shoes. I learn that, I wouldn’t buy shoes or boots to $20 bucks. She ruins them so fast. Not because she don’t know how to taking care with them but her foot getting bigger than my foot. 


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