Sunday, July 5, 2015


Another TMI (laugh) I know, this is feeling awkward. Just learned how to used tampons for the first time in my 30’s. In generation everyone knows how to used these things. But, I just discover, I been seeing it several time then one time I accidentally bought a half tampons and half pads in one box and I was not curious then. I found out they are more easy to used when we are in activities swimming, and easy to carry anywhere in purse isn’t take much space.

At works I got educated from my friend. They usually go tampons and I used basic pads until, I had a period and I forgot to bring pads with me. I went to the machine and running out of pads so I decide to had a tampons. At first it’s really uncomfortable. This Playtex sport tampons it’s given from my co-worker to me.

I went to Wal-Mart and bought one box of tampons and pads. I’m using either when is heavy period or 1st and 2nd day of period because soon, I have to travel and I thinking if I use both is much more easy and this travel, it’s a lot of swimming so tampons is recommended to me from other woman. They told me, is less stinky odor and leaking (I’m guessing you know already what I am talking about). When were in period we smelled our own period that strong and dirty are not good and we don’t want that to close to somebody else especially this summer heat. I’m just loving sharing my experience and now, finally I can use either way and less worried. Never bad happen just be curious and learn more.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth of July Outfit

Hello Lovelies! I hope you’ll have a great day. My last minutes outfit of 4th of July I can’t find anything but here’s the color red, white and blue.

          Sally Hansen nail polish- in color name carpet. I only put two coats and pretty much like it. Not to light and not to dark.  It simple red that I wanted for this holiday and nothing to special I just wanted to picked color for Fourth of July.
          I asked my daughter to take me a few picture and here’s what she took tonight.  Just me in the picture, very simply person I just wanted to have photos for my blog’s.  So, won’t look empties.
          My relaxing outfit of this 4th of July I been home whole day I love to treat myself with comfy outfit cause this is only days I can do. I am a tired wear jean at work all the time. But, when I’m in the house I only wanted to wear pajamas and long skirt, top with no bra. I want everything so breezy.
          I have white spaghetti strap tank top, long fuchsia skirt, red nail polish and blue flashlight.  You must have a flashlight beside you. You never knew when is power out.  I do freak out when I get up so dark but now, here’s my best buddy (the flashlight).  I don’t wear any make up if I am around the house. As long my face is clean and moisturize, everything is all right when is just bare face (no make up).


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