Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorials Day

Yesterday It's been a long day in work but glad went shopping 'n Tj Max to get some summer stuff for me. Hubby done working yard and watching online for vacation soon with family reunion in July Plan.  In Memorials Day is quite around but we had pizza dinner. My daughter having fun with our next door neighbor playing flash water hahaha...

You can see here photo that she had a great time and We finish sent our Balikbayan box for philippines Family A jumbo Size is $ 110 for Mindanao Island. Hope all goes well....

Wow! It's Smoking hot in here 90 degree but not yet quite summer. I can imagine soon will be hottest  summer here. So start digging our summer stuff, lol.

This morning while  watching Filipino Movie TILL I MET YOU. I also love this noodle soup even how hot outside hehehe. at 10 oclock  we went k-mart for another shopping. I bought hubby stuff for our wedding anniversary gift and head out to NEW CHINA Restaurant for lunch...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

feel better

I'll been taken this Medicine few Days Ago My hearing is Plug up and makes me feel uncomfortable to listen anythings If anyone talk to me; I want them to talk loud because My right ear can't hear so good. Last Tuesday I'd called in to my boss @ work about this reason why I choice to stay at home   bcoz my ear was bother me alot. when I was talk to her, she's unhappy w/say bring me a note from doctor.

My daughter had fun with this machine.  I think we called it cutter paper because we have so much stuff paper in house that really need to through away  and for secure identity so usually do it like this here....

After here few extra minutes Job she relax with this all  Cd's. She love it all and her pink stuff toys.

Oh some picture of me at sofa in living Room was so bored.. hahahhaa

Saturday, May 21, 2011


My daughter favorite  Snack.   Sweet Strawberry,  stick Biscuit with chocolate &  strawberry flavor, 
Hi-C Juice w/orange flavor, little Pony tail gummy bear Candy and Botan Rice Candy.  

Friday, May 20, 2011

Commissary in Military Base air force...

I get up around 6:30 in the morning and ready to leave at house in about 9:00 to go shopping in Commissary . Here I took some photo in Military Base Air force. We went there many-time but today, they ask our personal I.D & get to register for entrance. it is a new law because for secure people who living that Place. My mother-in-law can in & out there anytime because She is air force wife to Ted Brunson. I didn't make it to meet him in person because I was in philippines Engage to his Son Ty.

We Spent much money for Grocery shopping to stock up to our Freezer but Our trip so much worth it and thats all Matter. I thank Mom so much I am not homesick, Today I bought asian food. like, Langoniza (  Sweet Sausage it called here in state) and I have Fish & Dry Fish....

We Can't believe it after pretty sunny today and on the way home, there's a heavy rain and so cloudy, hubby give a extra careful to drive home and looking up in the mountain so dark..
and Now Baby Tree in our back yard is cut down from  wind. Feel sad to one years old tree. hope we can get a new one but really like thats tree during Fall is pretty leaves color.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Now Decide to post some photo from last monday trip to visit fayetteville. That was pretty day and spent time with friend and Son-in-law  in thep thai restaurant. We went also at asian store and liquors  to get some good wine.



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