Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a girl things

              I get often so moody and worst when approaching my  monthly period. I always get prepared to used pads, cleansing clothes, pantie liner,  so that the girl things remind to stock up this all in drawer. Maybe helps us to calm down, hahaha. I know, it is so personal things to post  in public but now no wondering about girl monthly period because it is so normal. I thought it would be help for some  teenager : reading some other girl experiences, I know there's a time it isn't easy especially it bothering you to much, moody, feel discomfort-able pain and unhappy period.  I have found many sites that's talk about periods but use references and languages  that only female would understand.

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Are you wondering?

You may be wondering, what is a girl’s period or what are the signs of getting your first period? These are important questions that every girl asks. You can read  web site to find answers or you can speak to your mother, grandmother, aunts or even your school nurse or counselor.

Are You Embarrassed to Tell?

Some girls find it very hard to imagine telling anyone that they started their first period, but even if you feel embarrassed it is really important that you tell at least your mother.
We make it so easy for you. You can just walk up to her and tell her, or if you're embarrassed, you can fill out the coupon we provide, put it in a sealed envelope with her name on it and either hand it to her or leave it where she will find it. 

Are You Worried Someone Will Tell Others?

Tell your parents who you want to know that you are starting your period and whom you don’t want to know. Sometimes parents get excited and share this news with others. Be sure to let them know in advance how you want to handle this sensitive information. 

Did You Know That You Have a Special Connection to Every Woman?

Every female on the planet has gone through puberty and experienced the start of their first period, even your mother and grandmother did. Our periods are the common bond we women share. By talking to each other about how we feel and sharing our experiences, we can get through the difficulties and celebrate the good parts, together!

A Time to Celebrate!

Don’t let this important day slip by unnoticed. Be sure and do something to mark it as a special day in your life.

You may not understand why, but the truth is that the beginning of your first period is a very important event in your life. There are many reasons you should celebrate it, here are just a few:
  • To allow those who love you to offer you their support
  • To let you know that you’re not alone
  • To celebrate the power of reproduction
  • To introduce you to the new responsibilities you will have as a maturing young woman
  • To teach you how to take care of yourself in a new and important way
  • So that the women in your life can say to the world “We welcome this new little sister into womanhood and know that she will bring her own special female energy to the world”.
  • To remind you to give something back to others.

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