Sunday, November 27, 2011

Twinglight Saga- The breaking Dawn

                I know, some of you are already watching this movie.  I should known not bringing kid because  lot of romance shown this time. actually, watching this movie with my five years old. I feel  guilty and un-comfortable because  is not good for her. I've been looking around but she not alone, there few kids watching too.  what I do to her my handkerchief cover to her eyes some part not advisable and need it to hide  but really, I never heard any complain as long she have pop corn in her hands that's all the matter to her. She Just ate all my  snacks till we finish watching movie and later she ask more snacks...


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Memories of thanksgiving

          Saturday news paper. my next door neighbor sent us a couple of newspaper for today and they write a note to open page #8 because there's my daughter picture during there thanksgiving song in school. I showed her picture with her classmate and she's happy and excited to mention everyone name in the picture. I am very proud of her but feel guilty I told her, I was sorry i didn't make it to attain because was at work and she answer me back, It's alright.

           Her first time in the newspaper. she is in first row line a red/white long-sleeves.


                  I am late  posting a thanksgiving picture and I don't have a whole picture of turkey either but here I took some photo, it's already cut into pieces, lol. A lot of food to ate  during holiday. actually, were still have left over in freezer. My mother-in-law prepared of all this homemade food for every-one.
                         Last Wednesday I had only worked haft day. I started like my new job since I got a holiday off and more I spend family during holidays. unbelievable I waiting for so long to find this kind a job and  Thanks God for everything, it is a such a good blessing to me.
                        We're at my mother-in-law house. My husband two brother are here with two kids plus my husband Son. they are both travel from other state. Just they arrive here for visiting in thanksgiving. Only one brother can't make it to come this time because business still always doing busy but he called and talked to  them (three brother) and now my mother-in-law house is fall of man.


Monday, November 21, 2011

:-( cold

           I didn't went work last friday, I call-in for being sick. I know it is cold because I feel got start a sore throats, sneezing a lot and a running nose. the symptoms of cold: May experience a yellow or green nasal discharge, hacking cough, fatigue and weakness.
                        The doctor give a prescription for my cold but it also cause drowsiness and not good advice to drive anywhere. I probably quit taking medicine on monday because I have to drive by myself to work early. the effect when taken this medicine is like I drunk and  feel yuck nothing a good flavor with it.
            There some medicine I been trying even w/out prescription.  I got this learn from friend about three years and still keep using it.

                           Delsym for cough suppressant - orange flavor- Pricey cough syrup medicine but this is the only I know; work right to me.  they have available for children too.

Cough drop for itchy & dry throats. all weekend, been eating this candy I think because the menthol.
                     Vicks- Rubs a little bit amount to your chest, nose, throats. I do use it before bed time because helps me to breath and feeling cool and comfy

Water---- I drink water to much, more than eight glasses everyday. Plus lemonade Juice and  with vitamines C. The old traditional homemade remedies advices from my Parent ....

           *Hot lemon/camanselis, honey, water I really enjoy drinking especially I know with vitamins C

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sore throat and coughing

Hi There! I am not feeling well at work. this morning, I get up with sore throat   and coughing. Now alone, waiting my daughter till she get out from school.  anyhow happy to receive my first paycheck this month and directly help to sent out for my family in advance christmas gift and for land.
Actually I am really like my new job schedule  especially the building i work in is next to my husband building. very easy anytime to visit him and usual to get lunch together. he is very sweet husband

Monday, November 14, 2011

homemade Laundry soap

              Homemade Laundry Detergent Soap

                             * Water
             * 1/3 bar fels Naphtha Soap, grated
                             *1 1/2 C. Washing Soda
             * 1 1/2 C. Borax
                             * 2 gal. bucket
             * 15-20 drops essential oil

1. Mix Fels Naptha soap in saucepan w/ 4C. hot water + heat on medium. low until dissolved.
2. Stir in washing soda + Borax. Stir until thickened,+ remove from heat.
3. Add 6C. hot water to 2 gal. bucket. Add soap mixture + Mix well.
4. Fill bucket w/hot water,+ Mix well. add the essential oil
5. Set aside for 24 hrs, or until mixture thickens.

        Use 1/2 C, per load

There are many variations on this laundry detergent but I really like the liquid version since it work so well.  Making homemade things are great! My favorite things to do is Washing Clothe. It's already habit to me to put some load in washing machine everyday.  Like addict doing it because  when I was a school girl, My mother always thought that  we wash our own uniform so next day, you will have extra to wear but the only different, in my native place we wash clothes by hand not a washing machine so when I got married and thankfully He does buy a washing machine for me after I broke one.  isn't fun washing clothes if you  worried  with Pricey detergent is so high from store,  a 5 gallon of Tide is $21 and is not enough for me in one weekend. but now, no worries anymore since we discover this laundry detergent soap is definitely cheap and easy to make. and also nice to know that detergent soap doesn't ton of chemical in it . This Ideas and recipes from my mother-in-law. We've been used this exact recipes for years and works awesome. I am just loving this detergent soap..:-)


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Food shopping

I was get ready to go bed but it's just come up to my mind and thinking my blog.  I am going to explain about picture down below.

               We been planing to stock up food for winter and not joking spent $500 total of grocery shopping in just one day. My mother-in-law holding a two receipt of all amount we spending is $800+++over all... usually twice a years to go U.S base with my mother-in-law. Big time, budget is going down for next month so No  holiday shopping :-( It means No christmas gift... So, We will see how gonna last long all this food inside a cabinet and Freezer. Honestly, I didn't take photo of our extra freezer but two Freezer we had is both fall of meat, fish, sausage, etc
                The Fact, I feel stress thinking about we spend to much for anything and low earn that reason, I totally myself Guilty to my partner who much provide to the family. I earn not enough but like he said I am a big helpful...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dover Mountain

We went up to mountain the other day. look was gonna rain and grey clouds .  I didn't have much photo because weather wasn't give a little shine, joke lol......enjoy your evening

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some Tips to clean toys and Room.

    Sneak a Peek to my daughter Random- Since I spend two days off work and I am a  cleaning mode this weekend I give more important some spots that we usually when and resting area inside house but first thing in my mind to help my daughter to organize her stuff inside the room and also we did deep clean her toys because as we know, Children's Toys are a haven for germ and bacteria growth which can spread quickly throughout your house often resulting in illness for family.

 Here some I found these easy steps to disinfect kids toys. as my research it's recommended to clean house and toys regularly

*  Wash hard, plastic toys in mild soap and water with a scrubs brush. Rinse well. then the toys in a mild bleach solution ( one tbsp. bleach to each gallon of water) for 10 to 20 minutes to disinfect them. Rinse well in clean water and allowed the toys to dry.
* Use a dishwasher to disinfect plastic or other dishwasher-safe toys. because of the high heat in the machine. they do not need a bleach solution.
* Disinfect stuffed or clothes toys in a regular washer and dryer.  Wash them at least once a each week with a mild detergent.
* Clean tables, large toys or play areas with a mild bleach solution and sponge or rag. Mix 1 tbsp. bleach with one gallon of water. Wash the surface area taking care to reach the crevices and hidden spots. Rinse with a sponge and clean water and let dry...



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