Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Festival

Last weekend, we went these fall festivals in our town. But, we didn’t stayed that long because we have to go to the funeral for family friends. It’s been quick looking around, but also, nice weather. Daughter did one ride, ate cotton candy and modeling the ear-warmer headband by handmade from her sister. So, it was pretty amazing day. 

Teacher/parents conference

October 29/2013: Husband and I went to the School for the teacher and parents conference. I learn that, math subject is one of my daughter weaknesses subject. I don’t blame her even me. I still struggles Math so that, husband more focus with it and helping her how to solves and also, the teacher told me, I have to teach my language with her because if I applying that way. It would be nice she grow up bilingual.

My daughter has friend who only speak Russian language. They are played together and ride the same school bus. Since, this boy arrived in her school he likes to seat next to her and they are getting along.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Garlic butter shrimp

     > 1/2 pound shrimp
     > 1/2 cup butter
     > 3 tsp garlic, minced
     > 1/2 cup lemon soda or sprite soda
     > Salt and pepper to taste

     < Marinade the shrimp in lemon soda or sprite soda for about 6 minutes
     < Melt the butter in a pan and heat it up until hot enough to cook the garlic
     < add the garlic and cook until the color turns light to golden brown
     < Put-in the shrimp and then cook until the color turns orange
     < sprinkle some ground pepper and salt and pour in the remaining lemon soda let the liquid evaporate completely.

For the first time, I went this Mexican store in Dardanelle and look huge inside. Actually, I been visiting Mexican store inside in Russellville but, this is one the biggest I seen. Most population is Spanish people since, I look around. I pound the Elusive Saba banana, bread, and shrimp, grill chicken and tortilla.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


           Mother-in-law and I got up very early in the morning today because she was cooked a breakfast for her best friend and family. She made a sausage biscuit and additional, we went to the donut store in 6:30 am to have some more to bring. My Mom voluntary to help her best friend, to comfort her since her best friend brother passed away. 

          When we picked up donut in the store. Daughter and Luke (dog) are also at the back seat.  Surprise our dog was not scared. My daughter wore my favorite blazer she always like to picked my stuff because she start thinking she almost to get to wear my stuff, liked clothes.

She is happy wearing my blazer. and  she said, sooner she can get all my stuff.

Friday, October 25, 2013

what makes you happy

Hi Dear! I was not happy at worked today: there’s little bit a misunderstand or I was confuse because, why some people don’t tell me a words straightly into my face and people talked a lot behind your back negatively. Grrr pissed me off and I feel lose my respect this type of person. Anyhow, in the other side I’m trying to calm down and forget those as not happen. Of course, it’s Friday and weekend I want to enjoyed with family.

Today, I had amazing lunch with my husband and met his student at the Chinese’s restaurant. So, here are the foods. I think food makes me happy, hahaha.

Have a good weekend ^_^

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Mother-in-law and I planning to make more biscotti on Christmas for gift but today, I asked My Mom how if to make some for breakfast and she did agreed with me. Then, they are perfect with a hot tea too. Thankfully I’m satisfied from craving. But, most of the time I’m good eater of salad and Asian sesame dressing

Have a good Thursday Everyone ^_^

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 When I am at worked I don’t like to look the clock because it’s annoying if you see the time so slow. If I had not much work to do, time passed very slowly. 

My friend brought lasagna at worked and she did invite us to come for lunch with her. Lasagna was delicious ^-^

When I got home. My mother-in-law gives another stuff from clinique. She was bought a facial cream and had with some Bonus.

Monday, October 21, 2013

halloween party and grocery shopping

 Last Friday, My family and Friend are went to the Halloween party in Clinton about 4 hours total for back and forth trip. Anyhow, I am so glad husband agreed to drive that long. Because, myself I do not like to drive in the interstate but, I love to go see more friends and any events are fun especially kids.

There’s a bunch of Filipino food and of course, they ordered roasted pig for everyone. Then, after the party we also had food to take home so, worth to come that kind of events because, besides of tons of food. You can also meet new friends.

In Sunday, My husband asked me if I could go to grocery shopping since, were need some food for the week. Going grocery shopping is not fun at all besides; spending a lot of money I hate traffic, most in the parking lot and full in line to the casher. Here’s stuff from Wal-Mart.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Mcdonald, Kroger store. flue shoot,GoodJob

Finally is Friday. What I love to do in Friday night is to relax and sleep over in the morning because I don’t have to get up early and work. I feel that this is the longest Friday ever. L

My daughter today had wearing the school t-shirt and October 17,2013 the school sent us a message that they running out the mist spray and only the flue shoot injection available. But, she happy to come home and said, she only receive the mist spray instead the shoot. Since I promise to her that if she get the good job in the school she will receive a McDonald kids meal and in owlicious is mean a super good job (she can ask anything what she want)

So, She and I went to the McDonald and Kroger store. What I hate to drive is in traffic and rainy day but thankfully we made it and now were ready to go sleep..

Have a good weekend everyone ^_^

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Flue shoot, U-Kotex samples

It’s a cloudy outside. It might be going to rain again as a weather said, 50% rain. Another blessed of rain since we need it here but also, cold as below 58 degree. Anyhow, I got a flue shoot today at work. We done it every once a year

I receive a sample from U-kotex pads. Just in time of my monthly period. I do love sample and also, with coupons. ^_^ Of course, I been tried this brands before because it was also on sales.  When it comes in pad I rather choose to the cheapest because you just throw them anyway and I haven’t no issue with this brands is work well to me. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

earthquick in philippines, Raining in Russellville

How ARE YOU Guys? It’s Tuesday here. I feel so worried this morning when I heard earthquake in visayas and Mindanao Philippines. I called my Mother phone several time and it was out coverage area. I been praying that hope everyone of my family is okay and thanks God for protecting them. I am sad to the other, who got most effected in earth quick.

I was patiently waiting to my Mother and brother until they got a signal on their phone. I am very happy to hear them voice.

Also in Russellville is raining and look gloomy outside. But still blessed to get this kind of weather. It’s okay if raining whole day, as long not tornado.

I did quit drinking coffee and I switch back to the tea. Well, I love coffee but coffee don’t like me, hahaha the story is when I get drunk a lot of coffee I noticed that makes cause me of headache because my body system is not strong enough to fight the coffin. But, really this very complicated, and I totally over with the coffee because I don’t want headache.

Last summer, my favorite tea is this Green tea with tropical mango flavor. I am fan of mango ^_^. Oh Dear, still searching and looking of different tea for fall and winter cause I need something hot… maybe hot coco.

My daughter won’t sleep if without reading a story. before going to bedtime she wants someone to read a book for her. So, I'm glad she's one of my family who loved reading book.

            Happy Tuesday ^_^

Monday, October 14, 2013

salmon, asparagus, sour mango and donut

Hi Love ^_^ Last Friday, I cooked Salmon fish and asparagus for family dinner but, Daughter and I indeed up only two people in the table eating dinner. Because, when I got home from work. My mother-in-law went to Branson for road trip with friend.  My stepson busy to focus in his exam and homework and my husband home late since he need to finish up a some projects at school so, pretty much busy: _(

I invite my friends to have green and sour mango (native Philippines mango) with little fried shrimp (uyap). It’s been long times haven’t taste this fruits since I left in the Philippines in 2010. Until I found it in the Mexican store and fortunate it taste similar, except they are already in the bottle (like pickled mango). 
The donut didn’t last two hours, hahaha. My stepson bought a dozen donut and this for family breakfast. But, guess what when I woke up in the morning to have a breakfast. Donut is only 3 pieces left. Instead grabbing all. I only get one piece for one dozen. Poor husband, he was starving from working whole day that’s why he ate a bunch of it. Donut was really delicious. Were going to have another dozen in weekend. Donut weekend until get everyone satisfy.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

More Clothes

My Daughter receive another batch of clothes. I am so glad they sent this all to her. So, I don't have to buy kids clothes this year.

T.J Maxx and Bath and Body works Haul.

Here’s My Shopping Haul. I had few stores that I went in to yesterday.  T.J Maxx is the first favorite store in our town and sometimes, you can find the good deal. My daughter picked up puppy backpack and Jelly Belly for herself and that’s only I bought in T.J Maxx because, T.J Maxx and Bath & bodywork are next to each other so, I give a chance myself to visit this store again since,  I also had a coupon with me.

Cute isn’t it? My Daughter in-love when she saw this back pack because, it’s also a pink. So glad is $7 only that’s how also, I love to go in T.J Maxx because, you can pick some affordable stuff. okay, move on to the Bath and Body Works. 
12 Items from bath and body works that I bought 2 big candle, 1 foam anti-bacterial hand soap, 5 little hand sanitizer, 3 pocketbac holders and 1 free travel size lotion. 

I spent looking the candle scent. So far, found these two. Honestly this is my first time in my life to bought candle. My intention was buy one to give it try but the lady saw me, holding one and she recommend to get another one for 2 for $22 than one is $20 So, I have had Wick candle-sparkling Icicle and Eucalyptus Mint.

Wick candle-sparkling Icicle- I was thought only me one who notice that this scent, smell like a men but bought it anyhow, might my husband like the clean scent since he picky.

Eucalyptus Mint candle- the scent of this candle is so fresh! It does smell like spa in my bedroom. It has refreshing mint scent and it so relaxing. So far, loving it. 

As we all know by now, this and a few other scent are the only ones I’d buy at bath and body works. I still love it just as much as I did back then. I mention here already that My mother-in-law who gift me a sets from head to toes back when I first come to the united state since then, cherry blossom is most scent I love from bath and body works.  But, this little guy a travel size is free.
Autumn Day- is foaming anti-bacterial hand soap. I love this scent so much. Smell wonderful in my hand and feeling soft. and the rest I have 5 pocketbac handsanitizer and 3 pocketbac holders

bath and body works light up pink owl pocket holder is my daughter picked 


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