Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our weekend Trip

        My husband and My mother(in-law) love football games in weekend. Fun also to went up there and stay with her over night. both of them is fan of LSU and Saints foot ball games.  every-time were visiting My mother (in-law) you'll never get hungry she cooked a lot of food for us

One of her favorite breakfast. mini pancake, chocolate milk.  
   I am lover to ate breakfast  because my energy get from there.  if you working person, first think to have a food in your stomach. don't start work empty, some reason: my routine everyday is eat better in breakfast.

   This is my lunch: I already like to eat salad w/ asian sesame salad dressing: shrimp creole, rice and meat pie.  Sweet tea for drink
   Have you been in TREE DOLLAR store? everything in there is 1$. I am not so sure if that's true but sometimes, I liked to go shopping few things of school supply for my daugther.  I got also elf natural eyelashes, never try this in my life to put extra lashes but I am curious to do it so soon sometimes...

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