Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday Fun

                   I was exhausted last-night after eight hour totals of work and went up to my mother-in-law house for Pizza dinner with my husband Brother from virginia, that was amazing meeting him and his wife donna in person after 'been 'n three years in state and that's my first I met them.  Anyway was home around 8:20 P.m..It;s a long day for me yesterday but this stuff I got today from walgreen they have cheap nail polish and interesting color and I thought I am going to collecting more different color of nail polish. I know I don't need them all but if I have a good mood to put color in my nail and also not heavy in pocket at all.

                 I was been thinking my order from ulta and receive it yesterday too the lipstick is so precious and I wanted to get more to NYX and  eyeshadow. Maybe I will collecting make up as long as I can. it's kind a fun and exciting for me to have a collection.

From Easter sunday- april 24,2011

                      I still like to post it from 2011 easter, don't wonder why can't post this in time during in easter day here weather  was treat us so badly  a thunderstorm, tornado siren and we had one day brown out and like a crazy moment to try hide to small place and basement

Easter Photo of my daughter and her gift from Family.  We had egg hunt inside house of my mother-in-law everybody in family hiding a egg for her fun and every corner is there's a egg and gift. Her mimi loves her so much, I can tell it because the way she taking care of her. I do fill up a empty egg with a candy, marshmallow.  

This gift from her grandma during easter and she love it w/sandal.

one the way home from grandma house. i took photo of her in car. she was sleep w/her smile 

Ferrero chocolate is delicious from hubby for me. Ellen & Husband had fun together, coloring a egg w/ drawing and name....

a shiny soft bunny from our next door neighbor. they are the one who give gift to her every holiday. 

this is Ellen Joyce bunny collection and gift from someone who loves and care with her. then, one night in easter day she put it in my bed because she knows she will sleep with me during storm. she bring all her bunny stuff toys to my bed and we had sleep with them all. she told me ( don't worry mommy) they are nice and quite bunny so I can sleep well. Okey,  she does sleep  good with something cover to her eyes. hubby took this photo and show to her in the morning and she said, she was sleep pretty awesome.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy easter

Heavy rain right now. Im here in my bed with my daughter she gonna sleep with mě. I was already put her own bed but when we heared tornado šířen, hubby first think to pick her Up. It is twice šířen i hear this evening. I know it´s Been two week this thunderstorm and tornado and isńt fun ať all. Going to get ready flashlight, candle & matches....

awesome day with awesome people

        I woke up early and made a Bed breakfast for husband ( Becon, grits, fried rice & coffee) that's part of my plan every my off days, trying to learn how to cook american food because he can't stand  eat rice each day, lol. That's me a filipina, I love rice each meal in my life because i grow up that way. My pottery man who also love in kitchen and cooking is his favorite and His pork grill with salad in lunch was so delicious.

        I am so lazy to download photo and post Picture i n my  blog. I don't know why, can't help it myself to be tired from work. I'm wishing to have more energy, like my five years old so hyper hahaha she very sweet and she had fun visiting to her grandma house and she got her Easter gift dress, sandal, chicks marshmallow, candy and chocolate for me from hubby

       Our Plan not exist to go egg hunt anywhere in our place because outside is wet. Our Easter Sunday   is rainiest weekend ever spring treat us a heavy rain now but we still have best Easter egg hunt inside our house and hubby help me to hide egg every each corner for daughter fun.

       My two days off is over. I have to go work tomorrow early for four days a row and I don't have plan for spring vacation this year but maybe July 04 were both decide to go a family reunion  and now we are waiting for Donna and rick my husband brother hope I can meet them tonight and Im not going to stay writing blog for now I have to go watch mom cooking since i am interesting to learn cook.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

weather changes

This is a photo that I took yesterday afternoon. It was so nice to be outside but suddenly the weather is change, this is not  fun! Thunderstorm, Tornado it's going to be like this for the rest  of the week and since last-night our electric is out but back 5:20  p.m. I woke up headache this morning and I won't go work today and hubby called in to my boss for me. I Can't complain! I still have my loven family with me. 
I love my natural hair but can't live w/out a shampoo and conditioner because it's only help to clean and tangle hair. I was using a fresh coconut to fix my hair tangled.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Plan & hope

Exhausted, exhausted, exhausted from work.  I know, I have lot of lock writing my blog but importantly I spend my days to my family especially to my husband and five yrs. old daughter  they much need me than anythings else in this world. I have long talk to my hubby last-night I told him about my plan  to having a baby boy before my age 30 , sign :-)  He didn't say NO and he didn't also say YES but I don't put  to much think about it because  he said he want to think about it first and with my future....

Tornado scared me to death.  I didn't heard siren last-night because was sleep so good  but today when I went outside and look so gray and very windy. you will not gonna like it but  people suggest if we had tornado in our area, we much get prepared and hide to the small place, like  hubby said  I can hide to the bath tub, closet next to washing machine or inside the dryer machine, joke but i have no idea what to do, I just pray not gonna happen to my life.

Honestly, I have depress taking written test for driving I already failed twice and each fail you have to pay five buck so I counting that I have 10 dollars credit so now I got now edition book volume 5 so try and try and more study hard with it. I really want to start to drive for myself to go work and anywhere I want to go but all isn't easy.

I will pray for everything that all my wishes will come true soon and sometimes...I just trust all of this with God and hope he guide me anytime...Thanks him for everything...


Saturday, April 9, 2011


It´s 11:24 now but cant sleep yet. Lying down in my bed and still open my eyes. Need to ho sleep i have to work early tomorrow. Grrrrr

Friday, April 8, 2011

busy as like a bee

                he pick me up at work late yesterday, almost around four o'clock because he had appointment  meeting to his vise president  in school &  every tuesday and thursday  schedule He always had busy at his school class So try to understand that situation as a wife'y to the teacher husband. the main reason is, I have work and don't know yet to drive. patient till I get to past the written test for driving. 

                  But after busy day, hubby decide to go lowe's store . daughter & I went to Jcpenny and tj max store as a window shopping but my five years old found a nice dress and cardigan for her easter so spend 18.42 bucks but that was on sales so we have total saving $25. the way home, we stopped at kroger and I got  nail polish.

110 green with envy

26 purple potion


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mansanitas Fruit Tree..

                       My simple homemade  fruit salad with almonds ice cream but my daughter said, I don't eat that Because No strawberry w/it. Oh my, she so spoiled now. I am thinking how if we going back to Philippines and they don't have  strawberry there   or way to expensive to buy.  well, I told her I grow up many fruit in our own garden and all is delicious and different flavor. But really, she love strawberry & Grapes which is so expensive in philippines.

..... Now I would like to shared you a fruit tree Mansanitas, this is  I miss back home wanted to eat some so bad we don't have this in state, lol.. it is a tiny fruit but sweet. every morning after breakfast,  Me and my brother love doing it everyday  to climb this tree and pick some a red mansanitas to eat

 ..... some part of asia and philippines this fruits are usually eaten mostly by children althought it is not sold in market.

..... this is a fast growing fruit tree. after the flowers are pollinated, there will be lots of the berries growing

I was craving chicken and rice yesterday, sure I did cook for myself because hubby said, he had pizza left over from lunch but one thing is I almost forgot my fried chicken in frying pan while I doing checking my daughter in tub so that's now my chicken look so dark .You can see the pic my chicken burn but I am surprise I still like it Because only the top burn....

here's chicken to much fried but happy with rice

I was enjoying my own chicken soup and hubby eat a pizza for dinner....

Monday, April 4, 2011

First weekend of april

                         April-2-2011/ Here some photo that I took last Saturday 'n Mt Magazines.  We enjoyed the sunny weather Our weekend off is  awesome. My mother-in-law treat us a good lunch 'n lodge restaurant.  that day, we got both huge lunch even mine can't finish my burger, Coleslaw, french fries and my daughter like her mini corn dog with sweet ketchup, Obvious  she finish all mini corn dog.  I was wish to have own place like that and house top of the mountain. lol ( quit wishing- never happen coz can't afford at all) so very pricey even you rent advance about a year, many people interest to rent lodge up there for vacation ( maybe hubby plan for honeymoon anniversary on coming June 2nd but I don't want bcoz so expensive hahaha). 

We Saw three jet-line and so beautiful sky 

Lodge at Mt Magazines.

It's front entrance to go in restaurant and some view up of the mountain, over looking Place..

                My five years old took this photo of me with new Sun glasses from general dollar.  I don't want to buy a expensive glasses because I know, it will break so fast..I took her photo too, daughter like a mother. she like my sun glasses and she wear it more than me.

                                I can't believe tomorrow I will going back to work after my three days relaxing w/my awesome family. I really don't do much in weekend but chill w/ my love-one is a precious to spent each other. the thing that I'm really not looking forward about going back to work is to see asshole co-worker, Sorry for having feeling like this

                                  04-03-11  Sunday afternoon we had great spending dinner with my mother-in-law house. we wanted to go look the house next to my in-law house but hubby told us he saw a yellow/black snake  and  we was thought a poison snake & little bit a cobra head we don't have no idea what is it? 

                                 We had nice walk in the road w/ dogies and dinner is ribs, bread, salad, lemonade my mother-inlaw is good cooking.

                                Now is Monday, Sitting and Having a cup of coffee and breakfast with my lovely girl. hubby done to work. I know he dont want to go back at work but we have too for living.....GOOD MORNING! Have a blessed monday...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools Day to all

Off at work and yeah, three days off this weekend. I have interesting day; went library and shopping at new  CASH SAVER Store.  Just like to look  around because they have sales & discount in grocery .  we got 3 gallon of ice cream, $3.80 each but the original price is $6 or $7 each so happy to have blue bell with all my favorite flavor's I'm guessing not gonna last long we are ice cream eater, lol.


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