Sunday, April 12, 2015

My spring color

             I love this color for spring. I used 43 (Pretty Natural) from Milani and SMLC08 (San Paulo) from Nyx. As an often I start applying lip balm to prevent dry. Then I have 1st Nyx soft matte lip cream its more pigmented and creamy than milani is pretty bright but two of this together are good for this season. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Solved Her Tangled Hair.

Oh getting up like this in the morning it isn’t fun. My daughter had thin hair and easily to get tangled. That most of her problems since she was started long hair. This is her first ever to let her hair long by requested her grandma in Philippines. My mother and that’s her grandma want to see her long hair but if I choose as a mother, I would like a short hair for her so easily for her to get ready in the morning for school because she’s a young to taking care of it and really not easy for her and I don’t even have a patient to taking care of my hair either. Since were planning this year to go visit my family in the Philippines I let have show her hair to my Mother because we been not seeing each other person in five years. 
This detangled spray is such a savior to her hair. When she was brushing her hair she complained but now, we discover this equate brands in Wal-Mart is cheapest stuff too. Were finally found the good hair spray for tangled and no complained and she loving it. Of course, she can brush her hair by herself with out crying and bagging someone.
Here’s the finish look after she brushing her hair. In hot day, she loves ponytails as her hairstyles it more simple and easy. So, she worried free.


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