Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hello Lovelies!

     It's Friday! So,belated to post here! The Other day, after our trick or treats from neighborhood. I went bed directly since I didn't have any minutes to downloading photo's from halloween but now, thankfully is friday. It's time to share.

Every this event. I usually participate some activities. like, I do paint my nail  in my favorite color is  Red Carpet (Xtreme-sally hansen) and O.P.I ( Black- Shatter).
    I am not alone. My daughter love to have the same color too.  So, were get this for fun.  isn't my type wearing costume  in halloween  because I grow up another tradition. but I do, let my daughter understand both side of the world, lol. In America and In Western country. Its all about trick and treats, dressing up or doing costume party. So, she will have fun to understand and learn about anythings.
As My daughter requested a cookies princess halloween. I found it in the store. So, choose the easy way to bake.

My Daughter wanted to be a princess vampire but I haven't found a right size for her and they are really way expensive for one use. I am not dealing a $ 40 or more but happy I convince my daughter to go marva a consignment where is a branded and 2nd hand clothes are cheapest. I am glad I found a wing and dress separate but I gathers my idea, instead of vampire how this cute butterfly. I know, I can trick her right now but when she old enough she will find a way to get her favorite... but, she totally happy and she told me, You are the best Mommy. How's that feel? I am happy too!. 

My Mother-in-law bought this cup cake from store. cute, isn't it.
This bucket full of candies is only for trick or treats kids 
From trick or treats in neighborhood.  We saw some of spooky decoration. 
My daughter, looks like flying. while we walking in the street... she jump of excitement going to trick or treats.  

So, Here's her candies from our neighborhood. many candies.

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