Thursday, November 1, 2012

1st year Anniversary

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Hello November :-)

October is Over! So Means, We only have two months left then facing another years. 

               Oh today, Is my First year anniversary of my job. I am just to tell you that How I love it since I met a bunch of nice friendly people and friends. Of Course, I have more time for My daughter and My husband.

               My first Months last year. I complain to getting up so early. that was really tough to train myself but couple of months I get adjusted and more used to it even on the weekend. 

               I choose to work hard here to help My Family back home. When I was a kid, I always dreaming to build nice house with family. In the beginning was my plan to finish studying Education although I graduate in philippines but there some subject need to get here. I didn't think to go back to school I can't afford anythings. knocked the wood, Is not gonna happen to get loan or debt because My greatest fear having connection to other people about financial, how if there's a problems???   I earn a little bit from this job but happy..... balance enough to my husband and  enough to share family..
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