Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Mom grocery shopping for us

Hi Dear!

       In the fast weekend. My Mother-in-law went grocery shopping for thanksgiving preparation.  She is good in kitchen and she know everything what to get for everyone. I wasn't able to come with her because that time I have to go worked and daughter in school field trip. but, here's food that she got for us.
Longanisa, lumpia Wrapper,  vegetable, coconut milk, adobo seasoning,  noodle etc. she think to pick up those for me and the rest is for husband.
We're so thankful. save our weekend ( not to go in grocery)  make me happy to have fresh vegetable and had the stuff to cooked a filipino food.

Pocky and hello kitty snack is for daughter.  My Mother-in-law is such a surprising person
here's also a bunch of cheese. hubby love cheese but not me, lol...
pickled eggs. I got addicted eating of this. 

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