Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Lovelies!

          After I voice out my feeling yesterday. I feel better now because everythings gonna be alright even they are not come for reason. I still have family who you can count on the most. My Husband, My daugther, My Mother-in-law, My Step Son and Daugther  who'd joining us to celebrate thanksgiving day.

        My Mother-in-law prepared a bunch of food.  I can't put myself in limit when it comes  of food I can eat all I can specially, a good homemade. Did you eat  a lot of food yesterday?  because I did.....such a wonderful thanksgiving lunch at my mother in law house we enjoyed all the food and the visit. we are so stuffed from all the food we ate.

        I can't thankful enough to our almighty God for such a nice blessing. The holiday where we have lovely family gathering, great food.



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