Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday

from google

Hello Dear!

     Are you guys excited for online shopping? because, I do. I'm one of you guys had wish list for christmas I want to get everything for myself but I can't, I have more family needs my helped.

     I never grow up to have own toys even one barbie doll that was back then. but now, I'm blessed being without toys or friends but I have My True Family

     So, In my Cyber Monday. Instead buying things I keep my money budget to send home for Family. I miss them already Its been 3 years not seeing My parents. sometimes isn't enough to talked on the phone that's how I feel lately.

     My husband purchasing something today, stuff for  christmas gift. but, he didn't tell me if what it is.... he will be a secret Santa for My mother-in-law and his Son and daughter. he never yet mention for me, lol but it's okey. at least, I have family done......

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