Sunday, November 18, 2012

What I doing

Hi Dear!

         I wanted to buy a new computer key board. Since, our is broke... some of the number is not working anymore. So, In the main time I using My Son-in-law keyboard but nice to have own one.
         Last Friday Night We went to Movie theater. Watch the twilight Saga: Breaking dawn part 2 but was really traffic and crowded inside or even outside in the parking lot. luckily, we did it to watch.

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        Whole day in Saturday I had visitor. She and I spend time to the mall for the window shopping, hehehe. Actually, I bought few gift for christmas. And, Last-night Daughter and I had a good time putting up the Christmas tree in the living room. So, one more thing, we need to do is to wrap  the gift. Christmas will be perfect if you have a gift underneath of the tree especially kids expecting santa claus.

        And Now Sunday.  Plan is broke too. I should went to the bible meeting with co-filipina. Sometimes, we don't know what happen to our daily life but I choose to stay home and Taking care of My daughter sick  and got called from My mother-in-law that she also not feeling well.

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