Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Break

      Thanks for the Holiday Break. Since, I need it so much to spend time with family. The good news, My Mother-in-law is feel better and home from hospital. My Daughter still taking medicine for 7 more-days anti-biotic. So, means not contagious or no serious problem

       My husband family decide not to come for thanksgiving which is my Mom is really sad not seeing her grandson for over a year now. Wasn't right, what I heard they wouldn't come these holiday because of my daughter sick. Now, start blaming us and I am disappoint if what she think...

      We live different house about 30 minutes travel to My mother-in-law place. I told them several time that daughter and I can stay home. So that, My Mother-in-law can see her grandson. The FACT, this is a worst person that I met. I explain it to my husband. Why She do that to us?  Totally was Hurts my feeling and seriously, I admit to my husband. There's no way I  visit them place on Christmas and not anymore.

      Thanksgiving break and break's My Heart too

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