Friday, October 19, 2012

Pajamas Day at School

Hello Dear!

          Is your school having a pajamas day? Because My Daughter very happy to picked her favorite fuchsia pink princess pajamas for pajamas day at school. It seems like all the schools to do it here in once' a year.

         Absolutely cute Pajamas days are mainly found in preschool, kindergarten and Elementary School as fun days for the kids and teachers. I think it is so cool that everybody can wear their pajamas to school is also much easier in the morning.

                                           (Daughter and I conversation)

Mom----------- why everyone like to wear pajamas today at school and what is that for?
Daughter------  Everyone can wear pajamas to school that's teacher said so...:-)... only today
Mom----------  did you read books too?
Daughter----- yes, how did you know?
Mom--------- that's how we doing at our house too, right?
Daughter---- oh yeah, hope they have pop corn too.
Mom--------- :-)

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