Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Trip 2011

       AR + Knoxville tennessee  + North Carolina + Frederick-burg  Virginia + Washington DC + Virginia Beach. Our 17 hours road trip was first ever  this year.
       We had a good time during in our summer road trip. Also mainly visit our Family and Friend . within 13 days experience in new place, I can tell how was so wonderful and lovin'it.
       Daughter & I super duper HAPPY when we are next to ocean. She love to swim isn't bother to her how sunny out there.  I told my husband, love to going swim each day and he said, okey lets do that  but when we are actually in there, he can stand hot  and he said don't stay to long because  you might get sunburn...

Same Sunglasses,  She like mommy's thing.  

Wilmington North Carolina " BEACH"

In knoxville Tennessee , Fairfield hotel  swimming pool . 

My daughter friend, Sarah, grace and vivian.  She got a lot of friend than I do.

  Virginia Beach. they have fun stuff in aquarium and you can see a real thing in ocean deep.


Washington D.C- a lot foreigner  & Tourist. 

Proud of myself to take photo next to Philippines ....

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