Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Celebrating My Birthday

                         Thanks a bunch for dinner, gift and for the fun time! I had a Blast on my Birthday...My Family is awesome.  Thank you Lord for giving me a supportive, very strong,  loving, caring, thoughtful, responsible and handsome husband Plus Great Family whose always been all the time! Thank you very much
                         I was born in Camiguin Island. Last night is my officially birthday in philippines  and Now in State time is my officially to celebrate my 28 years old.  I called my parents in Philippines to say " Thank you" I appreciate all the things that I have in my life now. I miss them already.
                         My Wonderful husband bought me my first ever birthstone ring in my birthday gift. He was asking me what I want in my birthday, Unexpected I totally in love the shape of ring and so cute . Really I'll been dreaming to have own birthstone jewelry and now I am happy to have it. Seeing my right ring hand so shine....So gorgeous

A Flower and cute Card from Mom! I have a best mother-in-law in this world Ever. Oh also, I get up in bed to early this morning and cooked Pican Pie, Egg Roll & Fried Rice for Lunch I am glad everyone enjoyed my cooking. honestly I don't often to cook Just once in a blue moon, lol.

After Lunch We went to movie, picture show that's my mom called it. Mom & her friend Francis went to  crazy, stupid, love and My husband went to   cowboy & aliens    and daughter & I went to Smurfs movie is great for adult & kid I enjoyed it with listening my daughter laugher.


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