Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Night

           My husband has made me laugh,wiped my tears,hugged me tight, saved my life,watched me succeed,seen me fail,cheered me on,kept me going strong, put up with my mood swings. Has said everything will be ok when things get tough, keeps me sane. My husband is a promise from God I will have a friend forever :-)

           We had good dinner with our next door neighbor. Hubby invite them to come by for suffer.  We absolutely love homemade chicken curry  with Rice on it.  Because to much food tonight ,my daughter throw up and that reason, might she sleep with in my bed.
           I am impressed to my husband. he did a good job, Just 2 days ago he teach her to memories the phone#, home address, daddy & mommy name, birth thats requirements for kids to go school soon. She really excited....hope goes well
         Off to bed, still going work 2days before my birthdays Off.... Can't wait I will turn  28 years old... Have a blessed Sunday:-) 

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