Monday, July 25, 2011

lovely day

             The Best feeling in the world is falling asleep next to someone you care about. The second best feeling is waking up next to husband. I am a blessed with someone who always care and love that's my husband, my daughter and parents & some-friend 

                I have a great day at work today, Husband give a trust with me to drove by myself, Just back & forth to work and home.  Make me laugh when he told me, Your a Big Girl now. you can do by your own 

               He cooked dinner for us tonight is pork w/ gravy, corn, bread & awesome night with them.......

                             Off to bed early I have luck of sleep because when were arrive in our place I had directly went work in 4 days a row so exhausted but one more day then off for days...

            NIGHT NIGHT
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