Friday, July 29, 2011

Just about Zinc

           off at work. I feel kind a excited this weekend. August is my favorite months  and  #3 is my lucky number. :-) each year, my ages is going up, up, up So I thank you God for my precious life with my love-one.

             what a crazy :-) The other day I took photo of our zinc  to show which  side our thing belongs, lol.  Left side is for my husband, I put all his thing together in top of the zinc and his accessories inside the black bag.  And the right side is mine. I know, its a girly stuff . I should put all this things in organize so in my list sometimes to keep it all in organizers

                                                      Hubby stuff
                                                     And my side For girl stuff

School Stuff.  the backpack is her favorite color and she was choosing it when she saw it in store.

stuffed Jalapenos ---a spicy stuff but its really good
this is our dinner tonight,  Pork ribs, yellow rice, red beans and corn....damp, I ate to much ...and going to gain wight now....

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