Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New things from kroger..

 Last July 23, 2011-- I was actually prepared to get up early for my first day to go back  work, after  13 days vacation is over.  One thing in the morning before heading at work, can't help it for myself now,  I am addicted facebook site, i-pod while drinking coffee that's a bad habit - some people say, not to good, lol... anyway, That day I got message from my friend Grace So happy to met her  and kohler family.

We had grocery shopping and I bought it from kroger store in my town. they don't have much about beauty stuff because that store is usually house hold & food. I am luckys one to have a herbal essences for curl hair gel and the only last one thing in there and that was on sell  too, I have a two toothpaste and Facial cleanser.  I was running out of facial wash so happy to grab this kroger brand, as long i am not sensitive skin, just go go go, use it while is cheap, lol.


this Cherry so0000 delicious and Sweet. 

Our Dinner, rice is best all the time....

I saw gas is getting so high and I heard news this years will be going up to 4 dollars in gallon..that's very sad for everyone and hope they rest up the worker salary and that's only ways to help little bit  for living. 

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