Monday, December 12, 2011


                 My husband is always good mood in cooking especially in saturday & sunday because that's only our weekend off together. I learn so many-thing from him. he does restaurants styles food. like, three or four types in one plate in every meal. but from my family in philippines. we had rice every-meal is enough for everyday.  Life is big change if I compare my past to present.
                Actually today, unexpected test for ELI- english language institution. what ever my question is...I answered but was sleepy hours for me because I get up so early in the morning ( 3 o'clock a.m). were finally home around 3:49 after pick up my daughter in school. really exhausted day, I am not going to complain about it but I wanted to go back school, sometimes soon. I met a sweet Chinese girl when I have a essay test today she give me a cup of tea that also I like in school, meet new friend too.

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