Saturday, December 10, 2011

Free Haircut

       Yes, It's good day spending with family in weekend. This morning, I did finally cut my daughter hair, first time ever in my life doing things that I didn't do it any before. but I am glad that she like the result of short hair with bangs. So, she and her dad No fight no more because of hassle tangle hair. Since my husband the only one who could help her to get in school early morning; but he does also complaining brushing her hair tangle.
       Right now, Short hair is the easy way for both of them. I know, it's more great a long hair to her but maybe wait few more years that she can only maintain  hair by herself.
       She never experience taken a Salon to cut hair because it cost to much. piggy bank happy, she decide to keep money for saving in her birthday on Next year Feb 23. lol :-)

                        before cutting hair. I was took photo of some memories with it. she really had always bangs since she got hair. My daugther w/long bangs
Side view from long hair w/bangs.

               here the short hair w/bangs. this is actually hair looked now.

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